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I kind of wish disney’s ~weird period~ had lasted longer. Like all of a sudden we were getting these films like lilo & stitch and Atlantis and the emperor’s new groove and treasure planet and they were so fun and DIFFERENT. Just thinking about what the pitches for those movies had to have been l...
1k film robert pattinson remember me emily de ravin allen coulter
draws jjba diamond is unbreakable you're both beautiful this was a fun exercise how do i bullshit backgrounds in 20 min or less
lord of the rings return of the king rotk aragorn My art LOTR gandalf my comics GANDALF YOU WALNUT I know Aragorn has life experience and everything and has been to many kingdoms but...RULING one? poor Aragorn having to deal with all that lineage bullshit and all that chosen one stuff Faramir can hopefully give him lessons seriously though Gandarf you shoved a lot of pressure on this guy at least Aragorn gets actual baths now
1k new york vote 5k 10k 20k important New Jersey hillary clinton Arizona Signal Boost pennsylvania psa donald trump BERNIE SANDERS election fraud voter fraud voter suppression go vote please vote ted cruz vote for bernie
Rihanna people white twitter stop black washing
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Cultural appropriation
I’d like to point out that eating potatoes is really degrading and offensive to Irish culture. Its really not cool guys.
Daaaaaamnnn life, back at it again with the bullshit.
1k *mine *gif the walking dead idk lol twd spoilers *twd twdedit andreaharrisn corlgrimes ok maybe this is too colorful for twd?
request edit l tj Twenty One Pilots Tyler Joseph hello im back twenty one pilots edit imafraid-of-myself
idea for fallout 4 dlc: a new companion who loves scavenging and says nice & fun things when you pick up junk instead of ALL THE NEGATIVITY I AM FACING THESE DAYS
kanye west kw bullshit of 2016
sexism hillary clinton sexist iowa Iowa Caucus clinton 2016 sexism in the media 2016 presidential race 2016 Presidential Election clinton campaign
I’ve been reading a lot of speculation online as to whether I’m straight, or gay, or bi and it’s all these labels and it’s a little bit old...
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