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bullshit comic nerd rpg webcomic no geek exposure not cool art theft nerd culture exploitation stealing thinkgeek think geek d&d unethical unpaid exploit bad business no permission unattributed stolen content stealing content wedontworkforfree notyourcontent generateyourowncontent lame apology die from exposure work for exposure
gillian anderson scully rip my gay ass txf revival it's been 23 years and she'smore attractive than ever i'm a huge lesbian i big giant gay lesbian she doesn't bbutton her shirts i am a grateful lesbian @ fox thanks bu t she was so mad during this and i was living tad received this death stare it brought a light to my life
This is for any of you who are aspiring artists, animators, ...
the joker Personal jared leto heath ledger the dark knight long post suicide squad
* gifs tmi s1 simon alec 1x02 tmiedit shadowhunters by samantha aleclightwoodedit simonlewisedit shadowhuntersedit
graham norton louis harry sir ian mckellen 2014 :(((( dec 2014 4 Dec 2014 somebody hop onto this post and lay out the events of bullshit tweet 2.0 after 'not that important' and the Apple t-shirt
PSO2 Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation
save the bullshit for someone else
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Star Wars fans: Rey is such a boring Mary-Sue.Tumblr: No she isn’t! There is a perfectly logical explanation as to why she mastered everything she touched perfectly on the first try.Star Wars fans: ….how then?Tumblr: She used the Force.Star Wars fans:
not dealing with anyone's bullshit in 2016.
1k gifs m Deadpool my movies marveledit claryherondales deadpooledit jamexmcavoy userryanreynolds
When will people realize that reading is not a competition??? You read 20 books this year? Cool. You read 200? Cool. You read half a book this year? Cool. You don’t read at all? Cool. The amount of books you read doesn’t make you better or worse than anyone else. 
madbury club madbury m158
gif 1k mine Adele empowerment skavlan adeleedit m adele adele 25
pie undertale butterscotch-cinnamon pie cinnamon-butterscotch
In light of recent horrific bullshit
Has anyone drawn Cap punching Trump in the face? It would be appropriate, and awfully satisfying.
mine bullshit i'm crying but here you go i'm amazed this too way too long
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