• but i am so sad •
my life is basically just me waiting for the next marvel movie to come out
i will never forget the first time i listened to a one direction song i will never forget how happy it made me feel i will never forget how much fun it was to go to the 1d movie and i will never forget how happy one direction makes me, thank you zayn so much for everything you have done i love you a...
If you ever think you did something embarrassing just remember that I had a really hot waiter one time and i was gonna order double pepperoni pizza but I looked him dead in the eye and accidentally asked for double penetration pizza in front of my whole family
'James Potter fell like a marionette whose strings were cut' may be the most beautiful and poetic way any death has ever been described in the Harry Potter books but that somehow just makes it 10x sadder
1k * about me new girl Nick Miller *gifs *ng Jake Johnson THIS IS SO SAD ngedits like this is me *nick but so real i am nick
spoilers mine gifs* arrow laurel lance i am just so sad arrow spoilers sara lance arrowgif I AM SO SORRY BUT UGH THIS SCNEE
so sad why oscars leonardo i am so sad
friendly reminder that today all the marvel cast got their script for the second Avengers movie except Tom Hiddleston
my stuff Mozart Milos Forman amadeus tom hulce wolfgang amadeus mozart i'm so sad from making this gifset i'm so sad from the freaking movie and i'm so sad because the coloring is so depressing and white it's very nice but so light and i don't know it looks like death but yeah i think this says it all also i'm not sure if that was intentional but can you see how it goes from lighter to darker
Group hug for every shawol that won't be able to go to SHINee's concert
(?; _; )?
my edits sad jb **** youngjae jr im jaebum long post i am SO DUMB bambam mark tuan got7 jackson wang yugyeom i am so angry i was going to upload this in order of age bc that makes sense right but i didn't take that into consideration when i was pICKING COLORS they still look weird but w/e i am done with this i refuse to go back and change that now you can actually pinpoint the exact moment i was 110% done with this why did i only use some of their full names i
Black and White depressed depression sad lonely pain hurt alone b&w fat hurting crying ugly cry unhappy sadness depressing worthless disgusting failure depressive nobody cares no life Fake Friends fake smile depressing blog im alone depressing thoughts but i am so sad
Black and White depressed depression sad lonely alone hate broken fat dark mind self hate ugly anorexia anorexic unhappy fake sadness darkness loner Broken heart lonliness black and white blog Fake Friends depressing quotes thoughs fake friend depressing tumblr depressing thoughts but i am so sad
  • Doctor Who Fandom:You know who we need for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary?
  • Doctor Who Fandom:All the characters since 2005.
1k my gifs 10k Death Note I don't understand this show but also I love it I love L I am so sad all the time
nintendo :'( i am so sad Satoru Iwata
mine But oh well sighh felt a lil sad after I went to the mall but at least olivia can cheer me up ok who am I kidding
Broadway Ben Fankhauser Kat Edits Newsies andrew keenan bolger corey cott kara lindsay IM VERY SAD help i have a lot of feelings i am so so sad i know that i changed the lyric those lyrics didn't quite work and it was two words leave me alone