• but it's CATELYN'S ESSENCE she traded warmth and softness of the south into hard cruel merciless of the north •
MY EDIT game of thrones gotedit gotcatelynstark gotjaimelannister just a distraction while i'm capping different things BUT PELASE THIS SCENE AND THESE TWO FIERCE MOTHER OF WOLVES BOW DOWN OR BE HANGED i'm so happy they added all these chared with so much tension wrath doubts and admiration moments between  jaime and catelyn THESE TWO ARE GIVING ME EMOTIONAL BONER EVERY TIME he admires her so much her strength her unyielding courage and facade made of stone though he knows inside she's a mess inside she's falling to pieces inside she's pure rage violence vengence FIIIREEEE and she is so desperate to not allow any doubts the words he speaks stir in her this poking her in her morality borderlining on rightousness nudging her beliefs with scary alternatives and blinding shades of grey and they are this close from shattering each other's world's views and yet he always escapes into sarcasm and taunts and she hides behind unbreakable walls made of cold and stone and stubborness oh and i adore this quote to bits HE GETS HER SO MUCH?? it is supposed to be another jest of his but it's CATELYN'S ESSENCE she traded warmth and softness of the south into hard cruel merciless of the north and she doesn't even realise and it's going to devour her THIS VIOLENCE THIS ANGER THIS ANIMAL HUNGER FOR JUSTICE SOON JUST FOR THE SAKE OF VIOLENCE SOON (also that last one jesus christ i need an au with brienne and cat and cat is a mafia leader and brienne her right hand her bodyguard and loyal partner and twin soul and she speaks so little but she has the most fierce looks and everyone's talking about she-wolf and that giant of a womanbodyguard of hers and how you really don't want to cross them)
The South Korean govt. is trying to gather and control private information of the citizens, much lik...
the 새누리당 (a political party in south korea) passed the law so currently the politicians from the 더불어민주당 (another political party in south korea) are doing a filibuster to stop the law from being passed, so please go watch the live stream or at least have it play in the background if you can.
Morrigan dragon age daedits gamediting sin** dorianpavus IS THERE ANYTHING MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN MAGES morrigan's ruthless survivalist nature appeals to me so much because she's incredibly self-aware except when it comes to admitting her feelings :') she lies to herself about some things but... she is aware of what is going on in the rest of the world and she's so cunning she is aware of how mages and elves are oppressed but she doesn't believe in risking her neck to free those who can't free themselves yet she is idealistic to a degree? she /wants/ change; she welcomes change and you can be sure she is pulling her own strings in DA:I as she always is this line gets to me so much; i need no faith for magic to fill me up inside god i love how morrigan never apologizes for who she is; i love that so much because the norm is for mages born in circles to regret their lot in life; the burden of being born a mage (unless you're in tevinter) but morrigan was never in a circle and she relishes in it and ughhh i love you so much several of the other companions get into convos with her abt how she's so cruel and she'll die alone etc and this was in a convo with leliana about the maker and god it's JUST MORRIGAN FINDS SOLACE IN MAGIC OTHER MAGES HATE THEMSELVES FOR THEIR MAGIC BUT SHE FINDS SOLACE AND SECURITY IN IT
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* doctor who amy pond mine Eleven mine: doctor who otp: the last face this face saw amy was so overjoyed with thinking that she had made a difference and saved vincent's life because vincent's depression and mental illness were afflictions completely palatable to her even the loneliness and the ridicule for believing in things that no one thought existed and amy related so heavily to it and was absolutely ecstatic at the thought of being able to have a positive role in vincent's life did you see the way she ran through the museum? overcome with happiness and anticipation at hearing how vincent's story ends now that they befriended him and showed him that he would not be forgotten throughout the ages and that he would live on through his art the very essence of his soul and all of the pain he felt inside that was translated into beauty would someday be understood and recognized i think it's important to see amy in this scene and not only to recognize amy as being sad because vincent is dead but as also being sad because even that wasn't enough for vincent amy pond you are magnificent and i'm sorry
MY EDIT game of thrones jon snow House Stark gotedit gotjonsnow i know that similar thing was made lately but omg i've been plannig it forever and this is my ultimate thing JON BEING T.H.E. ULTIMATE STARK though the first thing we   learn about him is that he doesn't feel like one in his mind he doesn't deserve to be one sitting on the outside tainted with blame that's not even his own but he is THE CORE of this family for everyone and for us the readers he is at the core of almost every relationship he is bran and rickon's big brother he is arya's best friend he is   ned's big secret and he shows us catelyn's problematic side how harsh judgemental demanding and cruel she can be (but HE IS constantly on her mind remorse bitter wish of what if and why) he is benjen's favourite and theon's reason to be jealous and angry he stirs emotions is the basis for emotions for almost everyone behind the winterfell walls and when they are all scattered and lost and seeking   safety shelter and home ARYA BRAN EVEN SANSA'S FIRST THOUGHT IS TO GO TO WALL TO SEE JON jon defines what's home is JON IS THE ONLY ONE LEFT jon is their sense of   identity and belonging arya thinks of jon to soothe the feeling of hollowness and nothingness TO REMIND HERSELF SHE IS ARYA OF STARK NOT NOTHING sansa feels   connected with herself when she reminds herself jon  used to be the same supposedly homeless robbed off possession and belonging named like thousand others and yet he was brave and kind and wise and HER FAMILY and bran has this spiritual magical connection through warging with jon the fact they are all three awaken with arya as wargs like relationship they share this running deep in blood closeness understanding MIRRORING EACH OTHER releases magic in them THE TRUEST STARK JON SNOW THE FIRMEST BASIS FOR LEGACY OF THIS FAMILY TO LIVE ON
1k my gifs mine requested catelyn tully mine: got i hope you like it! gotedit ellaria sand gotcatelyntully parallels* gotellariasand sarellasand i loved making this! i could have made a parallels set but the request was to focus on revenge and i found that ellaria's speech on revenge (which i adore) has actually lots of parallels with some of catelyn's reasoning after ned's death when robb was on the verge of becoming a king in the north and i find it extremely interesting how they used similar arguments and were finally ignored anyway i'm rambling :)
* game of thrones robb stark mine:got gotedit gotrobbstark IT MAKES ME LAUGH i think it's funny that you're dead i keep thinking about season 4 and how you're not gonna be on it
santa movie dreamworks north my fanart jack frost but failed rise of the guardians north pole rotg nicholas st north rotg art jack overland frost animation film tried to make it look like concept art
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Guys. The rest of the world is expecting the Homestuck fandom to completely freak out after the update comes out. So what if we don’t? What if, for like 24 hours after it comes out, we stay completely quiet. Radio silence. Dead still. No posting, no reacting, no nothing. The tension would kill...
My art Fanart Marvel avengers black widow scarlet witch we'll never know age of ultron i really dug this scene hot damn maybe it's just my dopey fixation with glowing eyes talking???
1k * ** game of thrones A Song of Ice and Fire viserys targaryen got* gotedit gotviserystargaryen
so richard armitage Thorin bagginshield North and South kindlywestnet to celebrate our finishing of the series because we couldn't help but notice how stupidly similar these looks were
mine Rose Tyler doctor x rose eleven and rose doctor who au elevenxrose it's crappy but that draft was looking at me accusingly for the last few days blame new dash for that
anime animation i know i'm guilty of making fun of some recent anime bc of the quality of the animation but reading this made me :/ bc it's so crazy how huge the industry is and the pace it's growing but the old practices remain... it's hard to keep up