• but it basically looks like a girl with short hair i need to work on that •
who has a background in flower arranging taking a break from exam studying!!! doing something early for halloween but it's not really related also oh my god i haven't drawn guys in forever how do I draw male characters!!! but it basically looks like a girl with short hair i need to work on that I really enjoy doing traditional work!!! usually takes much less time and working with only lines is relaxing also for messages asking how I scan my traditional work!!! sweats nervously as I use my phone cam
“natural curls wow you are so lucky i’d give anything for that you must love it huh omg”
fuckyoufuckyeahlonghairedgirls lets make that a thing fuckyeahlonghairedgirls
disney edit disney short hair disney master post
A like need i YESSSS how do you do it step by step and that was the story of my death aka photo time with jensen ackles how do you do COOL I NEED A BOOK HOW TO GUIDE i need to stop tweaking i'm gonna keep uploading things lindsay took tons of pics katie goes to vegascon
ax to the face
me cosplay hatsune miku wig review seifuku tokimo prevent tangling in wigs tips
girl depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely confidence eating disorder alone makeup self harm cutting anorexia strength self esteem love yourself Ladies feminism miserable tips Power mental mutilation super hot alcoholism how to be happy dysmorphia feel better how to feel sexy
a process
mygifs doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith i dont like whats going on with that black spot on his hair but i dont know how to fix it
digital FMA Roy Mustang riza hawkeye Royai fmab blumes art considering that I have about that hair length I really should this style is so easy and fast I should use it more often BUT NO I NEED TO DO MORE FOR UNI KIDS PLEASE DON'T TAKE ME AS A ROLE MODEL I'M SO HORRIBLE AND I HAVE NO SELF-DISCIPLINE I AM THE WORST
History andrew jackson george washington thp Jefferson gerald ford john quincy adams us presidents william henry harrison william howard taft Presidential signatures I JUST FELT THE NEED TO POST THIS
im gonna go write my wattpad fic!!!! :)
cosplay tutorial wig cosplay tutorial lacefront
My art Fanart hetalia APH CANADA APH AMERICA 1940's aph england APH Norway aph australia aph belgium aph poland aph netherlands aph greece long post APH New Zealand I love the way Belgium's hair came out ignore how much the angles don't work in this pciture
louis tomlinson One Direction Zayn Malik My art zouis 1d fanart 1kart my1dart wheeeooo I need to work on something else now lmao time to work on a COMMISSION I also need to updadte my to do list on dA like why have I not been on top of that at all..... 800art 600art 400art
help Sketch digital art Digital Painting commission rough sketch digital sketch commissions open help me help my mom rough digital painting patmai art of patmai
Daniel Radcliffe top gif1 Dane DeHaan young americans college republicans danradedit danedehaanedit my double ds young americans movie r u convinced sorry i can't be funny like this was supposed to be funny but i can't.... i go all professional and bland now oops do i need to put the plot under the cut it's already in the petition description! youngamericanspost