• but it will take a really long time •
It took me a long time to get over you.
Its true what people say, it just takes time. You cant force yourself just to stop having feelings for someone. It can’t happen in a matter of minutes or hours to truly get over them. It takes time. You just cant wake up one day and stop caring about them. Cause honestly at the end of the day,...
boyfriend mine ugh SWIMMING ANIME free! makoto tachibana tachibana makoto free! iwatobi swim club Free! Eternal summer still edit how does one make transparent gifs it takes way too long wth i'm not satisfied with this nope nope i'm thinking of making edits like these for everone but it will take a really long time it's so embarassing to type my own made up text don't look at me idk if this will get notes bc i totally forgot that today's new ep of free! so ofc no one's gonna care about your lame edit luce
1k my gifs doctor who request doctor x rose otp: the stuff of legend dwedit dwplus oops this is a bit long dredits rtdedit psychicpurplewindmill i thought this will take some time but i made it in like..... an hour or so :`)))) (i like how it turned out) (and i hope you'll like it too and thank you for requesting i enjoyed making this)
1k mygifs arrow oliver queen a* arrowedit felicity smoak olicity oliver x felicity YOU CAN TRY TO LIE WITH YOUR MOUTH BUT YOU CAN'T LIE WITH THAT FACE OLIVER QUEEN I'M SOOOO ONTO YOU he's not ready now but one day he will be and when he finally says it for real - some day far far away in the future (cause lbr it's going to take oliver queen a long time to really be ready for felicity smoak) it's going to be so goddamn beautiful because he's going to mean it and felicity's going to knOW he means it and they'll both be able to trace it all back to this moment and smile saying nothing but understanding everything lol don't worry i'm fine i just need to lie down like for a decade or so
sherlock My art johnlock oh what a night this is going to take a long time but i'm seriously looking forward to it they're going to flirt so badly it's going to be hilarious datelock
mygifs doctor who Alex Kingston river song elizabeth corday moll flanders Alexturns50 Also please don't take the top photo I will know It took a long time to edit
doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith David Tennant :( Tenth Doctor dr who mygraphics anyway *k All the Doctors ok scrap that will take too long and hey look i stole from my other who graphic i'm lazy like that was actually started at the same time as the other one but i got side tracked as i do and still no mickey at least you'll be able to tell it's mine without watermarking it i have a style
graphics game of thrones robb stark bran stark asoiaf jon snow daenerys targaryen theon greyjoy Stormborn Asha Greyjoy davos seaworth a time for wolves yeahhhhh got meme this took me a long time to finally finish and idk how much I like it but there you have it I really don't like the Asha gif but she's in so few scenes but I'm pretty fixated on this coloring love me some yellows and blues that's always the truth
Harry Styles One Direction mine lyrics over again take me home tour tmh tour wow it's been a really long time since i made anything
1k My art sunggyu sungjong myungsoo woohyun infinite sungyeol Dongwoo Hoya my fanart destiny era a:infinite I apologize for the ugly watermarks But this took me a really long time And if it gets cropped and stolen like my B.A.P fanart I will hunt you down. Yes. This is my entry for FYI's contest Holy Balls. How did this get 1k notes in 5 hours o.O
art gpoy tendonitis carpel tunnel
Interrogation Chamber
This was really…interesting. I know it is 8 minutes & 47 seconds long...
drawing dbsk Fanart kpop exo fangirl fan Kris but anyway art: mine BECAUSE I'VE BEEN THROUGH SEVERAL OF THESE and the fallout is never pleasant though written with dbsk in mind important things about being a fan in my opinion that people tend to forget in the heat of the moment I don't...actually follow EXO... also because JUNSU because i feel very strongly for wee fangirls
Hello old friend. Here we are, you and me. On the last page. By the time you read these words , Rory and I will be long gone. So know that w...
Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life
ac Assassin's Creed III AC3 Connor Kenway Ratonhnhaké:ton Ac Alphabet
louis tomlinson Harry Styles Larry Stylinson mine you and i but yay i really don't understand but okay haven't done this in a long time
mine sherlock sherlock holmes john watson sherlockgif like seriously his last vow PART 2 MOTHERFUCKERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS these gifs take a surprising amount of time i don't know how you guys would do it but this takes so much time I AM MADONNA AND I WILL KILL YOU the story of john watson beautiful isn't it