• but lucas age 7 was adorable •
Kids React to 5 Seconds of Summer [x]
Sydney Lucas performs Ring of Keys at the 2015 Tony Awards
my gifs star wars interview George Lucas 1980s Mark Hamill Episode 7 star wars episode vii
cole dragon age they're too cute dragon age inquisition iron bull weird squirrely kid i was actually sobbing for about two minutes after this just running through the hissing wastes and sobbing
My art Lucas Black beauty
My art dragon age leliana after that last crying i was like *LELIANA. LELIANA. I WANNA DRAW LELIANA AGAIN*
Illustration art lana del rey ultraviolence lucas david
My art comics sketches dragon age Solas dragon age comic dragon age solas it was hilarious in my head okay i was going to finish up western approach tonight but this popped into my head and i couldn't stop giggling egghead jokes are classy
1k red once upon a time oh my god red riding hood meghan ory ouat ruby gifs(3) ruby lucas ouatedit NO BUT OH MY GOD I LITERALLY SCREAMED WHEN I SAW HER even though she was there for two scenes but RUBY!!!!!!!!!! the biggest surprise in this episode tbh
i have absolutely no concept of time over break like is it 1 am or 2 pm? i dont know. is it sunday or wednesday? i just dont know
sasuke uchiha translation naruto uzumaki Sakura Haruno this is so adorable team 7 kakashi hatake team 7 doujin team 7 feeeeeeelsssss i'm gonna sleep now cuz school tomorrow~~~~
nsfw text dragon age long post scheduled post dragon age: inquisition iron bull text post meme alcohol mention cw sex mention cw
dragon age tarot dragon age: inquisition dragon age inquisition da:i dragon age tarot okay i'm done!! sorry this last one is longer but the final set of six was kind of the odd one out
MY EDIT grainerie graineliers Lucas Anglade omfg im laughing bc when i replied your ask i said i didnt know both but im like wtf iread grainerie it was 3am so yeah lmao READ GRAINERIE BC IS GREAT
mine2 dean spnedit spndeanwinchester ep: dead in the water lucas barr deankids
star wars George Lucas mashup fan art photoshop little miss sunshine movie poster 2013 Episode 7 episode VII michael arndt friday night art dorks
1k jennifer lawrence james mcavoy Michael Fassbender lucas till nicholas hoult zoe kravitz caleb landry jones xmfc days of future past jamesgif fassygif dofpgif teagifs firstclassgif alternate caption was time rots all but too bioshock infinite
dao dragon age Dragon Age Origins sten itsdoodletime rhodes amell doing the haven thing after getting hiss word was good but this was always so funny
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