• but more often i'm romantically frustrated •
does anyone else get insanely romantically frustrated, like i know sexual frustration is a thing but sometimes i get super intense cravings for soft kisses or make out sessions or cuddling naps or things like that and it’s way more frustrating to me than sexual cravings
I’m so romantically frustrated. Like I just want someone to lay in bed with me and play with hair and kiss me and maybe touch me inappropriately because I’m also sexually frustrated.
If we date:
1. If we are texting I will literally randomly start talking dirty to you. 2. In public make you sexually frustrated. 3. Give you the best damn cuddle sessions after sex. 4. Love you and accept you as you.
homestuck feferi sukkaart the sketch had more stuff on it like sollux but then i got frustrated so now it's just feferi
gif Dave Strider Jade Harley John Egbert Rose Lalonde epilepsy warning Gamzee Makara jane crocker Dirk Strider upd8 caliborn part of im so frustrated that i lost the original piece even less of the original one had all the alpha kids but i'm too tired now
~ glee finn hudson ok whatever emma pillsbury Femma I DON'T SHIP THEM ROMANTICALLY OK BUT THIS WAS A REALLY AMAZING SCENE THEY BOTH ACTED SOOOO WELL JAYMA IS AN ANGEL I JUST THINK FINN WAS TRYING HARD TO CALM HER DOWN AND THIS HAPPENED AND JUST YEAH i know i'm setting myself up to get a bunch of hate from this but it ok
digital FMA Roy Mustang riza hawkeye Royai fmab blumes art considering that I have about that hair length I really should this style is so easy and fast I should use it more often BUT NO I NEED TO DO MORE FOR UNI KIDS PLEASE DON'T TAKE ME AS A ROLE MODEL I'M SO HORRIBLE AND I HAVE NO SELF-DISCIPLINE I AM THE WORST
game of thrones got 3k Brienne of Tarth got meme gotedit got** gotjaimelannister jaime** this is actually my second fave relationship second after jon/ygritte it took me more than hour to go through my books and find quotes but i just love these two so much gosh i wish all of this looked good but i don't know? i'm not sure i'm improving i hope so but yeah i know i'm not shipping them romantically but i just want them to be together like having adventures I'D KILL FOR A JAIME/BRIENNE ADVENTURES SPIN-OFF Cleos was also funny with them so sad he died such a good lad wow sorry for the long tags brienne** ps; if you think i've giffed this special moment of the bath scene to watch Nikolaj's ass on replay you're totally right
ace sighs one piece portgas d. ace 1k* opgif opedits opgraphics darling boy ugh i think these look horrible and i'm not sure if it works at all so i should be emotional but mostly i'm just frustrated with photoshop
1k MY EDIT La noire Cole Phelps L.A. Noire stefan bekowsky *LAN elsa lichtmann I'm not happy with this but I'm too frustrated to even care at this point
:( hannibal mads mikkelsen i don't know how to tag this hannibaledit nbchannibal crack? comic? this is a silly post but I'm just super frustrated that both Hannibal and Mads didn't get any nominations. comic crack emmy sucks!
sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch the great game good night silly things sherlock 3 i said today but actually it's tomorrow to me and i won't be able to watch sherlock 3 real time because it's work day i'm so frustrated now
art tag lewis HOPEFULLY hnnnn Mystery Skulls Mystery Skulls Animated I'm sorry for inactivity Posting more often now magenta pomp ghost tho
1k *mine Merlin *gifs merwaine *merlin merlinedit make me choose landofmerlin morganapendragons deanswinchesterr cheerytrio *gwaine *merlin gifs *mvarious IT WAS SO HARD TO CHOOSE SERIOUSLY I BROTP THEM EQUALITY BUT I ROMANTICALLY SHIP MERWAINE MORE I GUESS *merwaine
1k * pretty little liars emily fields pll pld i don't care pllgif wear dresses more often i really should not be starting another meme and look at how creative i was with the name [sarcasm] i'm like 97% sure that someone must have done this before but y'know what???? ~~bein rebellious~~
mine3 wolf watercolor game of thrones A Song of Ice and Fire asoiaf House Stark Stark anyway painted George R. R. Martin wow idk i'm frustrated somehow here have another painted thing yes i'll make a /asoiaf painted series/ but not today asoiafwatercolor seriously--
exo xye i want to put a message but i completely suck with words so have chanyeol's haha i'm so proud of them even if they endlessly make me frustrated with everything they do
1k my gifs twd the walking dead Rick Grimes Daryl Dixon Michonne Glenn Rhee twdedit twdgif church of rick grimes i know everyone's gifing this scene but i couldn't not gif it too sighs this took forever and i'm so frustrated
homestuck update upd8 dirkroxy SEND HELP no one can stop me i mean not even romantically just their whole relationship WOW