• but still •
honestly FUCK bras but ima still wear them tho..ima still wear em
YO FUCK ANIME... but ima still watch it tho.... ima still watch it
Hey remember how Kuzco rejected all his prospective wives and then spent the entire movie hanging out with another dude, at one point dressing in drag and pretending to be that other dude’s wife, and no one in the mainstream media had a freakout but MERIDA likes shooting arrows doesn’t h...
gif tangled disney Rapunzel profile is still under con but i'm still giffing!
FUCK TUMBLR.... but ima still use it tho.... ima still use it
my mom alone w me: I don’t like how the lady did your eyebrows and this lipstick color is ugly on you my mom around other people: *strokes hair* my daughter is so beautiful and she’s on the honor roll since the 2nd grade (: can you believe the does her own makeup
twitter me but I'm still a nobody
tomorrow is the last day of 2012
There’s a very drunk man down my street who has been flirting with a tree for twenty minutes now.  
my worst fear is looking bad on a photo with a band member
mine shailene woodley ansel elgort shitty but still
i take two types of selfies the “this is why i’m single” selfie the “how the hell am i single” selfie
Kinda ugly but still cute though
gif Cosmos she still suckin
kanye I still love you needless to say Amber is black but still lmao kim is basically white tho
cute twitter writing please missing you texts i wish break up but still i want talk to me poems ex boyfriend i still love you reach out
photoset gif 1k all one piece myop covers mugiwaras ok idk opgraphics im just trying but idk i really love this spread though omg but i still love the ones where they're all together in one room/place but these are still cute!
gif but i still love it i know that i made this quote like 3987452378523145 times
i can’t figure out which is more hilarious the fact that zayn thought geek was a slicing insult or the fact that tom knows about swagmaster and bradford bad boy