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liam payne * 1D liam IM DELETING HAHAHA BYEE
Personal naruto the only tweet that matters BYEE
Harry Styles edit byee
"I feel pretty today" is literally the best mood someone can be in and fuck you if you step on their vibes because it’s so satisfying to be happy with your physical appearance, and if you don’t agree, then fuck off and keep your bad vibes out of their sight. It’s hard to feel prett...
Did you ever just stared at your RP partners reply and you just:
1k mine sp Patrick Stump Soul Punk byee
robsten !~ Mackenzie Foy gosh dammit rob that beard omfg jefvfjfhfhfhherg im off byee
* 10k chris pratt guardians of the galaxy marvelcastedit chrisprattedit lcnaparrilla HE'S SO CUTE BYEE
g* 5sos 5 seconds of summer byee michael clifford 5secondsofsummer michaelclifford
sobs i can't omgg bap b.a.p I LOVE EVERYTHING daehyun chocomilkiegifs dae jung daehyun OMFGG byee WIPES YOUR TEARS THIS MV IS AMAZING
my grant gustin same The Flash barry allen byee theflashedit the flash spoilers i'm going to read boo and then sleep
byee omg this is bad -.- I couldn't think of anything else so here we go
  • You:Your ex is attractive.
  • Partner:Which one?
  • You:ME.
  • You:BYEEEE
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