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mine idek byee
robsten !~ Mackenzie Foy gosh dammit rob that beard omfg jefvfjfhfhfhherg im off byee
Did you ever just stared at your RP partners reply and you just:
byee omg this is bad -.- I couldn't think of anything else so here we go
  • You:Your ex is attractive.
  • Partner:Which one?
  • You:ME.
  • You:BYEEEE
1k ours danisnotonfire dan howell byee danyul danedit i did this real quick ok he's so adorable cries
Niall Horan performance Idiot i hate you so much eedits horanvanityedits i have to go now byee
photoset Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan twitter sleepy zayn aw yeah I'm sleepy too so goodnight byee
omg exo Lu Han exo m HAHAHA Luhan 2013 predebut psets appledits jeje lu ommg ok byee i need to make my homeworks orrzzz he has way too many predebut photos i just choose some
1k mine my posts big time rush kendall schmidt Schmidt kedits byee big time break out but but butt he'd just gotten out of bed and messy hair and pajamas and
exo exo k simple 2013 Kyungsoo d.o do kyungsoo appledits byee im gonna watch the heirs now LOLLLLLLLLL HAHA
One Direction Niall Horan my gifs byee
Niall Horan mine lips nh byee this rly sucks but hiS LIPS I JUST