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you know that unexplainable sickish feeling where youre not really sick and you dont really have a headache but you just feel¬†wrong¬†and you cant get comfortable or find something that youre really into but you kinda feel too ill to sleep or eat its like your body saying “i dont know what i wan...
cake yes valentines moist valentines day card valentine card this is too clever creepy right weird valentines teachmehowtoklunk
* Nicki Minaj Christina Aguilera xtina i think the fact that they both grew up with abusive fathers has made them into such strong independent women and i love that they made a song about eating cake together
beauty Adele music beyonce grammys
love birthday bitch cake julia birthdaycake
cake smutty says stuff burfdaiye TW GROSS AS SHIT SON
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me shitstaken
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food cake doable
cooking fried rice NOT COSPLAY cookin
art Halloween cake
gif chocolate cake sweet Yougashiten Koandoru Patisserie Coin de rue patisserie when that movie ended i asked mom to buy me some  next thing i found my self eating 15 pieces by my own ~~ regret nothing kkkkkk
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funny cute friends cake food porn
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