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twitter lmao me
me as a furry pilot
me: *glomps the engines* xD
Why do so many non Americans use tragedies like this to brag about how great their country’s gun control laws are?
@slimetony this reminds me of U
1k supernatural minee chuck shurley Robert Benedict spnedit Season 11 Curtis Armstrong spnx don't call me shurley godedit
Fare Thee WellOne of the most beautiful scenes on Supernatur...
VHS lofi those shorts are driving me nuts
A1 dick is never loyal I swear
mine new girl Zooey Deschanel Jess Day ngedits new girl 5x18 THIS WAS SO FUNNY I DIED
When you’re ready to graduate
me every day: I'm gonna make a serious edit today also me every day: I cannot
dark adhd meds, show me the forbidden Focus
*makes aus for own ocs* i am my own fandom
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