• call me •
  • Me:Hey, I just met you
  • Me:And this is crazy
  • Me:But I've got Alzheimers
  • Me:Hey, I just met you
ive hit the stage in my life where i like the taste of wine
when you’re talking about caitlyn jenner and somebody calls her bruce, just say “who’s bruce?” if they try to explain who bruce is, just keep acting confused until they address her as caitlyn. keep doing this until the person realizes bruce no longer exists.
1k gifss call me maybe justin edit
traphik TimothyDeLaGhetto call me maybe parody
me hipster call of duty black ops
call me maybe Carly Rae Jepsen
DJ no call me maybe Carly Rae Jepsen
tangled mother gothel meme call me maybe
LOL meme cory call me maybe
gif mine TimothyDeLaGhetto (: call me maybe dity parody
physics schrödinger's cat call me maybe meme
  • Hey I just met you
  • And this is crazy
boys in panties
grab my ass and call me yours
Booty pics are an art.
girl shorts shirt Denim call of duty cod me me me black ops firl
lms if Kim Possible’s top lip frightens you
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