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Hi!  I keep these on my computer and I wanted to make this post for someone…  Feel free to add sources - I don’t have them :)  Breathe in and out with this box Follow the brush with your eyes "Press" this button Follow the brush with your eyes (again) 
gif cats buntoo neko atsume nekoatsume this was calming...
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1k pops 10k 20k 50k 40K New dash calming 30k 60k 70k bluespace sw33t ph0t0sh0p skillz it's not the exact same colour and i am bothered by this
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gif 1k mine queue 5k amazingphil phil lester philedit ajhhhhH this is weirdly calming to me
list of safe, calming rozendaal websites
i feel strange (high-contrast) everything always everywhere if yes no (high contrast) looking at something  open this window inner doubts almost calm like this forever into time (click to add gradients) sad for japan yes for sure to the water (annoying noise, i recommend muting) deep black hole  on ...
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