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if you ever feel like a fuckup, just think you will never in your life fuck up as badly as david cameron, the prime minister of the united kingdom, whose political gamble in calling this referendum has completely backfired and britain has not only voted to leave the eu but it might also cause scotla...
this day in history
a bunch of xenophobic british people may or may not have tanked the world economy because they don’t like southern europeans
3x23 brooklyn nine nine rosa diaz b99 edit b99 spoilers same rosa same
holy fuck dresden codak aaron diaz
gif NBA Basketball OKC Thunder Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder thunder dance gif nba gif basketball gif OKC durant thunder gif Russell Westbrook westbrook cameron payne Storm The Court Russell Westbrook gif nba dances
shrek cameron diaz
landscape UP ocean WATSF
Diaz ending McGregor’s run at welterweight.
1k ** gifs* i just this was gold brooklyn nine nine rosa diaz mine: b99 Terry Jeffords b99edit rosa x adrian adrian pimento
* film james cameron aliens by jakegyllenbae
Bitanic (2016) dir. James Cameron
1k * 5k brooklyn nine nine rosa diaz ray holt b99edit
1k ** gifs* brooklyn nine nine amy santiago rosa diaz mine: b99 charles boyle b99edit b99meme this scene is amazing tbh the only three things that happend were all so funny i love this show!!
mine photo1 RISD
You were letting yourself be vulnerable, and it takes vulnerability to change.
gif s3 3x02 Orange is the new Black oitnbedit dayanara diaz john bennett by taz
film Horror Movies james cameron aliens Sigourney Weaver Lance Henriksen Michael Biehn Carrie Henn horroredit filmedit jellymonstergirl sunday afternoon horror never underestimate the love i have for this jmgaliens
muslim world islam news Muslim women David Cameron muslims identities
Gregory House house md eric foreman success remy hadley Amber Volakis lisa cuddy james wilson housegifs allison cameron robert chase lawrence kutner Christopher Taub houseedit
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