• can't do it •
sad alone done done trying can't do it
sad alone done done trying can't do it
tvd katherine pierce Come Back come back and fix it i can't color this show i can't do it john
about me I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS is it a douchebag thing to post your own tag I do t care I can't stop laughig
myungsoo infinite Photoshop hates me g:myungsoo /sigh/ g:edit i can't do anything with it
We’re so caught up in trying to do everything, experience all the essential things, not miss out on anything important…We can’t read a...
growing up sucks because you realize $1000 isn’t a lot of money
doodle nothings i'm still on hiatus but. i needed to do this it was somewhat cathartic i keep cycling through bouts of shock and tears and numbness and dread i wish i could've made this look nicer but this is honestly all i can muster so sad so drained so lost it had to be happy ot5 though i can't do sad i can't i can't
have u ever had one of those friendships that’s not so much a friendship and it’s more like you’re kindred spirits that were destined to meet and you’re always on the same wavelength or thinking the same things and finishing each others sentences and have the same responses a...
gif mine sleeping with sirens sws if you can't hang do it now remember it later if i'm james dean then you're audrey hepburn
i’m a very rational person and i’ve always been like “i don’t care who the boys date they shouldn’t even have to talk about it i’m just a fan that’s none of my business and does not affect my life in any way” but if harry styles dates taylor swift i...
girl Black and White depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely pain hurt alone broken night so sad think stay strong cry anymore tears sadness i can't do this anymore it hurts i give up Fake Friends i can't do this CANT
You’re not a proper big spoon unless you’re cupping one of her boobs
Respect female drug dealers
  • me:i don't care if people hate taylor swift anymore! that's so 2013! she wrote a number 1 hit song about how she doesn't care! i love her and that's all that matters! i'm a mature and responsible adult! taylor swift hate does not bother me at all!
  • someone:*makes and offhand snarky comment about taylor's award show dancing*
  • me:*takes a deep breath* *counts to 10* *pulls out my thirty 8x10 index cards and powerpoint presentation explaining in detail why they’re wrong complete with diagrams and graphs* actually, sweetie...
matt smith my shit 3 womb good lord why do i even find you attractive i can't explain it
Fanart cullen dragon age nsfw/ i can't do it anymore dragon age inquisition commander cullen cullen rutherford pls slay me
henry donghae eunhyuk siwon kyuhyun ryeowook sungmin breakdown Super junior m zhou mi cries i can't do it good throws photoshop away