• can you believe it's been a year •
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1. Even if you want to die, your body will not cooperate. Your skin will form scabs over your cuts and your stomach will contract to cleanse...
1k m i just i can't NCIS ziva tiva Ziva David sorry about that but here you go lyricgif ncis edit this was inspired by another gifest to the same song but i cant find it anywhere so i cant link it some painful ziva for a painful day i can't believe it's been a whole fucking year
i dont care when the last time you watched this video is bec...
how i met your mother doodles digital alicexz but lbr Can You Believe still not over this reductive garbage i liked this actress so much im literally still speechless it's been two days and i don't even watch this show I DON'T EVEN WATCH THIS SHOW!!! (anymore) how i met your incubator when i read a summary of this finale i LITERALLY THOUGHT IT WAS AN APRIL FOOL'S JOKE EDIT: THANKS FOR TUMBLR RADAR... wao.. also cleaned this up a bit some messy parts were bothering me... /EDIT
mystuff destiel deancasedits mishaconfetti it's always good to break up some intense eye contact with longing stares at the the other person's mouth shows that you have no overwhelming desire to claim those lips for yourself
Life Is Simple In The Moonlight
The Strokes  Angles
Life is Simple in the Moonlight // The StrokesSo we talk about ourselves in hel...
1k mine once upon a time snow white gah i did my best ouatedit lanaparrillaedit reginamillsedit The Stable Boy ginnifergoodwin ouateditold I have no idea if this has been posted before but OUCH also yes regina does kiss daniel too but the way it's shot you can barely see it ouatpilotold lanaparrillaeditold believe it or not I noticed this because I was getting ready to gif season 3 premiere which I'm going to do now long live web dl
my gifs exo EXO-M never again love of my life Luhan ISTG I ABOUT KEELED OVER TRYING TO GET NOVEMBER DONE WITH you'd think id be sick of him after going through 834957 fancams but MY LOVE IS STRENGTHENED?????? I CANT BELIEVE IT'S BEEN A YEAR WITH THIS FOOL
1k my edits :( One Tree Hill oth i miss this show so much can't believe it's been a year since it ended it took me forever to make it but i'm glad i did
My art comic I Understand wheeze welcome to night vale wtnv cecil palmer OH MY GOSH I have been working on this on and off since this summer I can't believe it's DONE I can't believe it's 24 PANELS It's ok if you don't like this one as much Tumblr But by golly I'm super proud of this
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perf brittany murphy Making me question my sexuality
Hey Sherlockians! It's been 1 year since 'A Scandal in Belgravia'
A year since The Bee Gees saved Sherlock and John A year since Sheet!lock A year since THE Woman A year since we just had to imagine Sherlock in the antlers A year since ‘The Iceman’ and ‘The Virgin’ A year since we learned Sherlock initially wanted to be a Pirate A year sinc...
It's been one year since A Scandal in Belgravia was broadcast.
ok, i know we've been waiting over a year for sherlock to return
but sherlockians back in the day had to wait ten years for arthur conan doyle to bring holmes back TEN MOTHERFUCKIN YEARS can you imagine the emotional trauma they went through doyle was the original moffat
* myedit lourry otp: next to you otp: one and only hello it's midnight for me can you believe this happened l i ke also!! i went back in time on my dash to triple check this if u wanna fight w tagged pap dates i've had this drafted for a month
1k migraine truce Twenty One Pilots stuff i make idk Car Radio Tyler Joseph Josh Dun holding on to you guns for hands house of gold 21P it's been a year!!!! love these dudes so much if youre not listening to twenty one pilots yet ill be angry