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mine landscape America places united states of America long post nipplethief :* since i did canada and all
my edits olympics team canada figure skating meagan duhamel eric radford sochi2014
my stuff canada prime minister cdnpoli canadian politics Justin Trudeau it doesn't matter if you voted for him or not this answer was iconic
graffiti london satire canada rape culture ontario western ldnont western university bathroom graffiti washroom graffiti
graffiti Stencil canada spraypaint Streetart vancouver iheart nobodylikesyou iheartstencils
images lgbtq transgender canada news Transphobia Activism bathrooms Viral discrimination plett put me here we just need to pee
Signal Boost !!! THIS IS SO SAD arturo change petition cant they see how much he is suffering??
Canada’s response to Russia’s ban on “gay ...
amazing myposts toronto canada snapchat my25k also it's amazing i still get service 2000 feet in the air it was not a commercial flight we were in a Cessna 172 4 seater which is a small aircraft yes we are allowed that close to the buildings there is an airport literally in the picture on the left on the water there's lots of planes in this area all the time airplane snap
there are nice americans there are rude americans there are nice brits there are rude brits there are nice canadians there’s justin bieber
science Astronomy astrophotography Meteor banff national park
remember last year when we thought miss canada’s costume was as canadian as it could get well look at this year’s costume we were all so wrong
holy fuck you guys after years of being vaguely confused when I came across the measurement “a stick of butter” in recipes, today I learned that in the United States they sell butter in these skinny stick things:it is literally a stick of butter. A STICK OF BUTTER. i have literally never seen butter...
mine canada spock leonard nimoy my text this is brilliant rip leonard nimoy RIP Spock
canada vancouver scientists HIV/AIDS Nicole Ticea HIV research Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award rapid HIV tests
tech world science news Robot robots hitchhiking HitchBOT
money canada
LOL justin bieber sports Hockey canada olympics team usa sochi2014
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