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wait I just realized that when Cap 2 comes out on DVD Anthony Mackie might do a commentary track
robert downey jr Chris Hemsworth i'm sorry the avengers cast kadeart rdj twitter cap for strat
MY EDIT Chris Evans Steve Rogers Natasha Romanoff scarjo sam wilson cap 2 cap 2 cast
mine gif set Chris Evans my graphics Sebastian Stan anthony mackie Marvel cast stackie cap cast anthony mackie: national treasure i'd watch it religiously don't make it weird
gif set Chris Evans again my graphics Sebastian Stan anthony mackie Marvel cast chicago comic con stackie cap cast ALS Ice Bucket Challenge these two fools floozies and fools floozy suit i can't you guys cute suit chris ccc14
Marvel scarlett johansson Sebastian Stan *g2 *cap cap 2 sign me up tws cast alright now but where are the stan interviews STAN WHERE ARE YOU
Chris Evans *g2 *cap tws cast just because face and beard and arms and tshirt really
Sebastian Stan LAUGH TAG i'm peeing Marvel cast captain america family cap 2 premiere
1k mine Chris Evans 500 marveledit cap 2 Marvel cast just a bunch of head shaking i hate him omg CHRIS STAHP
my gifs anthony mackie cap 2 cast marvelcastedit
Chris Evans scarlett johansson *g2 *cap Darlings tws cast
1k mine 2k 3k then this happened Pillow Talk gwc elise bauman carmilla cast hiaterus i was finding a good screen cap to reply my friend follow the bae hopeformywearysoul
1k * my gifs 5k 10k 20k bucky barnes Sebastian Stan Marvel cast cap cast stanedit (he just said he thought it was 9 and that it was just a security but nobody cares xd) (i just love how done he is... thats a man who know he fucked up)
1k I did this troy baker my gif yo why is nobody ever around when I make these? tO STOP ME???? is it because it's 2AM? the last of us cast tlou cast gif: troy baker [[hums ''and it breaks my heart to love you'']] stop looking like a cat gdi
** Lee Minho City Hunter Park Min Young Lee Yoon Sung kim nana dramas i wanted 2 cap this drama in 3 episode steps until i realized episode themed edits should feature key scenes of each episode which this edit.....does not...so it's kinda pointless esp as i left out 3/4 of the cast as well whatever this is only for my own sanity anyway
people mine TV Gossip Girl stan men ss series tv series sebastian actors Sebastian Stan gg cast carter baizen mcu cast Marvel cast gossip girl cast catws cast tws cast ca cast the winter soldier cast captain america cast captain america 2 cast ca2 cast ca 2 cast
1k * my gifs high heels oh lord Sebastian Stan sebstanedit Marvel cast cap cast stanedit i love the fact that he wouldn't be against bucky wearing dresses or braiding his hair or whatever 'cos if that's who his character is supposed to be -- he'd do it now i have a mighty need to see sebstan dressed in women's clothes omfg with makeup and wig and everything what if... it wasn't war paint... but just bucky trying... eyeshadow...???? (okay ima stop right there jfc) (congrats asshole now my dream is to see transvestite!bucky ugh) (like he dont even have to be gay you know he'd just be a bamf transvestite yo) (cos it's 2014 and nobody gives a f) (i think i need therapy... or fanfiction)
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