• captain kirk Jim Kirk if you give an idiot photoshop star trek into darkness Into Darkness stid everyone was joking about it and i ... i may have taken it too far old poster style because i am too stupid to photoshop in the new style i think this gif is a cry for help please take my photoshop away st: hilar i laughed while making it; that's all that matters •
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mine3 ** Graphic star trek 2000 chris pine Jim Kirk star trek xii Into Darkness stark trek: into darkness
star trek chris pine Jim Kirk star trek into darkness AOS it's an useless post but kirk is uselessly beautiful so it's matching and anyway i spend my second day on internship like a resposible adult about seven hours of work and still make useless gif sets during night
* star trek Jim Kirk star trek 2009 star trek into darkness BUT I DID IT trekedit gi1 i told y'all i was gonna do it and no one believed me i made a gifset w/ taylor swift lyrics
New Jersey Missing Person Please reblog im gonna have a meltdown holy shit red bank
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1k mine star trek chris pine Jim Kirk star trek into darkness trekedit mov: star trek mov: star trek into darkness note how kirk never lashes out when he's being insulted he either takes it stoically or makes a self deprecating joke i think that's one of the aspects of his personality i like best but at the same time it's super sad when you remember that he's used to abuse thanks to his shitty childhood with uncle frank so the jokes are probably a defence mechanism to mask his low self-esteem
1k *gif star trek spock star trek xi leonard mccoy star trek xii James T. Kirk star trek into darkness trekedit triumvirate that camera moving too much for bones' part i hate u have i ever made a post? no i don't think so funny how i picked the same uniforms for both films
STID DELETED SCENE: KHAN IN THE BRIG (The only deleted scene...
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1k mine sherlock johnlock IMG SherlockEdit also mine: gif OK IT'S NOT SHERLOCK BUT WHO CARES I DARE YOU TO EVEN THINK ABOUT FUCKING REPOSTING THIS IT TOOK ME AN ENTIRE DAY TO MASK OUT EVERYTHING FIRST IN AFTER EFFECTS AND THEN TO PHOTOSHOP i was THIS close to watermarking them but i fucking hate watermarks gifs look horrible with watermarks freebatch trash ok it's freebatch too and that's my tag for them ben is actually not wearing a shirt in this scene
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m star trek Jim Kirk q'd star trek into darkness stid trekedit looked a little familiar when i did this so sorry if there's a similar version floating around somewhere
my gif star trek star trek 2 Star Trek: Into Darkness i couldn't help it sorry if i'm late to the party
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Benedict Cumberbatch star trek star trek into darkness and his hilarious face I think I laughed for a good five minutes when I remembered the tiger's name was Shere Khan