• captain lance •
quote life movie MY EDIT The Avengers Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers America bullying Marvel avengers scarlett johansson bucky barnes Sebastian Stan bullies cevans Snowpiercer tlgn the winter solider
1k MY EDIT Captain America Steve Rogers avengers avengersedit marveledit mcuedit captainamericaedit steverogersedit
1k 5k Captain America Steve Rogers *gif marveledit capedit catws evansedit this suit im weak as fuk
1k my gifs behind the scenes 5k 10k Captain America Chris Evans
art free! Nitori Aiichiro nitori Free! Eternal summer FREE! ES soodyother no one ever draws nitori and i'm sad because he's so precious i doubt he's gonna become captain but then again i couldn't imagine rin in that position either crosses fingers u can do it little dude EDIT GOD BLESS HE DID BECOME CAPTAIN I'M ELATED
Captain America
q *mine Natasha Romanoff mcu The Winter Soldier mine: mcu mcuedit mcu women marvelladiesedit series: captain america
1k mine Captain Swan emma x hook emma x killian csedit
mine 1000 prince charming Emma Swan captain hook facade ouatedit hookedit It frustrates me when people take everything Hook says literally He projects an image and rarely lets anyone see past that I've made a set like this before but there are so many examples He constantly hides behind the pirate/villain facade
made by me Captain America *1k *500 marveledit catws make me choose captainamericaedit catwsedit
requests no but seriously Haikyuu!! HQ!! Kuroo Tetsurou sawamura daichi oikawa tooru bokuto koutaro i've got nothing moniwa kaname textsfromthevolleyballcourt what the heck could karasuno's cheer even be captain group message sorry i literally know nothing about bokuto other than he does that ohoho thing... ohoho? acinnamonn
my edits Captain America Steve Rogers Captain America: The Winter Soldier marveledit secret avengers idek man i just found that quote and i wanted to make this this doesn't make any sense lmao
1k mine bw jennifer morrison josh dallas snow white snowing prince charming lana parrilla robert carlyle robin hood ouat Emma Swan Fairytales captain hook Regina Mills Rumplestiltskin otps once upon a time cast Captain Swan colin o'donoghue belle french once upon  a time sean maguire emile de ravin ginnfer goodwin RumpBelle outlaw queen true love couples real life and their characters
  • Fury:So, the Winter Soldier!
  • Bucky:Yeah. That's me.
  • Fury:We thought you were a myth.
  • Bucky:Well, you were myth-taken.
mine dc dc comics Black Canary Dinah Lance graphic* zatanna zatanna zatara dcedit comicsedit black canary and zatanna bloodspell
super smash bros captain falcon fgc little mac thanks for showing me the video ubuyo :y
gifs Captain America Captain America The Winter Soldier marveledit steve x natasha natasha x steve
1k mine once upon a time ouat Emma Swan captain hook Captain Swan killian jones cs graphic ouatedit hookedit
Now that the obstacles between Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Emma have finally vanished, it’s time to watch the chemistry-charged ...
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