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Cap 3 should start with Steve and Peggy dancing and then Peggy kissing Steve on the cheek and telling him that she’s been happy, then it fades to black and Steve wakes up to Natasha knocking on his door telling him that they have to get ready for a funeral 
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  • me @ russo brothers:"your work has been a gift to mankind. you've shaped the century. i need you to do it one more time."
  • captain america the winter soldier:"who the hell is bucky"
  • captain america civil war:"where the hell is bucky"
me waiting for the civil war trailer:
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The Captain America: Civil War teaser trailer will debut November 6, 2015, attached to the James Bond film Spectre according to The Projection List.
  • Captain America The First Avenger -
  • everyone:bucky's dead, forget about him
  • steve:fuck that
  • Captain America The Winter Soldier -
  • everyone:bucky's evil, kill him
  • steve:fuck that
  • Captain America Civil War -
  • everyone:bucky needs to pay for what he's done and be made an example of, get him
  • ...
marvel: “civil war is the final standalone captain america film”me:
half my dash hated aou and half loved it and i can see why civil war is the next film because one’s already happening in the fandom
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so civil war is just shy of 2 and a half hours making it the longest mcu film to date2 and a half hours of suffering
MCU: Wow, The Winter Soldier was spectacular! I can’t wait for the next Captain Ameri—…
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pictures of chris evans on the set of civil war
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