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oh my god the Captain America facebook has no chill HAHAHA (...
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If you ever feel bad for procrastinating, just remember that Peter Jackson was still editing The Return of the King a few hours before it was supposed to premier. 
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Captain America The Winter Soldier
So Im stuck on the beard for this picture of Kili that Im drawing and my dad tries to tell me its re...
This is my picture and this is his picture His is obviously better
film captainamerica wintersoldier marvel
You're welcome
This is THORIN. He is the leader of the dwarves and he is a total bamf. He is also very angsty. This is BALIN. He is like Thorin’s right hand man/dwarf. He is the one who’s grave Gimli was crying over in the mines of Moria in The Fellowship of the Ring. This is BOFUR. He is super nice ...
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Reblog if you believe Agent Phil Coulson is alive.
Im trying to prove a point to my roommate.
Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers mine* captain america 2 Captain America: The Winter Soldier marvel* evans* captainamerica* look at dem cheekbones srsly
The new Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” trailer is her...
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gif ** Captain America Chris Evans hayley atwell stanley tucci Captain America: The First Avenger tommy lee jones *captainamerica brave steve is the best steve
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Captain America Steve Rogers Marvel hayley atwell Captain America: The First Avenger peggy peggy carter captainamerica
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