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mine Steve Rogers **edits Tag yourself captnadorable stanseb tag yourself meme i rlly hope no one did this already
mine gifs* Chris Evans happy bday marvelcastedit evansedit fallenbarnes chrisevansz captnadorable chris's bday
mine gifs* Chris Evans evansedit buckywinchesters chrisevansz captnadorable
mine Chris Evans edits* marvelcastedit evansedit chrisevams hotashellchris chrisevansz captnadorable
1k * chris pratt JWedit Jurassic World text post meme jurassicworldedit howlingsoldier sebastianfucker richardarmitakeme captnadorable brockrumlow lmao nikki i used ur text post so ill tag u ok im done lmao what do i even tag this as lmfaoooo
mine Captain America **gifs stripperleepace captnadorable holahydra grantsrogers i really like this one even tho it's shit quality
1k * tony stark Steve Rogers okay ??? Civil War minemarvel captainamericaedit marvel crack sgtjimbarnes howlingsoldier civil war meme sebastianfucker richardarmitakeme richardgecko captnadorable grootmorning fenrishonk lmao i thought u guys might appreciate idk if this has even been done yet LMFAO im sorry im only capable of shitposting anymore what is wrong w me LOL OK IM DONE TAGGIN PPL yes i know it should be tony whats good I GOT IT FROM THE TWITTER POST aND I WASNT THINKING ALSO since some ppl cant take a joke i do not think that tony is in the wrong or steve is 100% in the right i am neutral THIS IS JUST A JOKE SHITPOST