• cas •
mygif spnedit gif: cas castielsmeme starlightiel jnsenackles castieldaily ughughughh the way cas uses his angel blade and how it's an extension of hiimself i'm a puddle on the floor bc this is so hot
1k * mine castiel spnedit CASSTARK *Castiel haelwings starlitcas kathy makes gifts uwu oakenstiel lexy i should've made you this last year ;u; anyway i just wanted to make something for you hope you like it? :D yep still this tag
1k * mine castiel requests anyway hand porn spnedit CASSTARK *Castiel huggybearstiel howboutnovak castials mrsfitzgerald look irina i finished this :D have some hand porn *u* and eugenia i just realized that you've already made some of them ugh D:
my edits my gifs supernatural season 9 my stuff dean winchester castiel destiel DEANCAS DeanxCas season gr8 otp: i need you 8x08 hunter heroici the way they look at each other deancasedits deancasedit 9x09 holy terror deancasotp destiel edit human!cas fallingfromthursday thetardiswantscasinit castielmoans profound bonds will always slay me
mine MY EDIT castiel spn Wings cas spn graphic deankindalikedit cosmicgarrisonnetwork
dean winchester castiel destiel DEANCAS positivity Signal Boost cas dean x cas cas x dean 9x10 destiel shippers
my gifs supernatural castiel shhhh notahammer spncastiel bentobride howboutnovak jinaspngifs jinacastielgifs castielsmeme look at my debut to this meme lol i havent even finished any other meme i've started anyways i just love love love how we get these bits of pieces of who cas was in heaven
quote text ben Casper cas liebe benjamin griffey zitat Casarmy verflossene liebe casper quote casper zitat
mine Teen Wolf Sheriff Stilinski melissa mccall twedit let's be real we were all thinking it melinski
babyintrenchcoat vampstiel spnedit spncastiel roosterstiel 365cas *2014 oh hon u tried
supernatural dean x cas spnedit deancasedit destieledit starlightiel works* works2014* ugh.. idek.. that was hard to find good scenes tbh
love alaska music rap lyrics indie tour album pi xoxo lux Casper cas Deutsch liebe benjamin griffey lisbon Lux Lisbon prinz pi Deutsch Rap freundschaft auf und davon der druck steigt marteria trennung so perfekt jambalaya hinterland Im Ascheregen Platte
* supernatural my stuff dean winchester castiel spn spnedit cas and the overused wings yeah yeah
  • Doctor Who:its only been two weeks the wounds are still fresh piss off
  • Hannibal:*casually eating remnants of kevin*
  • Supernatural:nO NO DRoP HIM *frantically flings salt at hannibal fandom*
  • Hannibal:he needed salt thank you
Reblog if you ship Destiel and still completely love Sammy. Trying to prove a point to everybody who thinks Destiel shippers hate him.
doctor who matt smith sherlock martin freeman David Tennant Benedict Cumberbatch tom hiddleston jon watson
blood my gifs destiel DEANCAS deancasedits bentobride kikistiel howboutnovak jinaspngifs jinadestielgifs this took me ages hnghhh but i like how most of it turned out evolution of destiel evolution of destiel* i tried to do 'critical changing points in their relationship' kind of thing
supernatural castiel dean spn Sam sassy Sastiel cas sass Team Free Will winchester tfw sasstiel sass-tiel strikes back sass strikes back
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