• cas •
1k haha ** mine spn spn edit spnedit oh cas entirelymyownworld spn s10 deansmuffin treacherouscas spngifmakersnet spn 10x20 scentofyesterday sunrisejensen
supernatural mystuff spn charlie cas myspn spn spoilers mySPNgif spnedit 10x21 Rowena mooseleys yaelstiel winchesterhugsnet samiscolettenet samflower
1k parallels sam winchester s5 *gifs scenes samedit spnedit S10 castieledit 5.22 spnsamwinchester character: castiel **elena 10.20 ship: samcas
1k my gifs dean winchester castiel destiel DEANCAS mdc S10 angel heart mcas proximity mdean 10x20 dcgifsets
supernatural sam winchester spn meta spn spoilers spnedit S10 1020 mine: sam mooseleys itsokaysammy supernaturalapocalypse yaelsgifs s10gifs hallowedbecastiel sam winchester mine: gifs with text mgwt g1020 gifs with text reasons i love sam winchester sam meta
white bunny shitposting Tokyo Ghoul Kirishima Touka Kaneki Ken cas shut up touken Tokyo Ghoul RE banana mom me too you guys... goofing off since :re spoilers are not here yet this is a very serious manga he's gorgeous but I want to fight him look it's an elegant man
My art dean winchester castiel destiel spns10 i got an ask about this AS i was doing this and that is satisfying there were so many fanfic gaps in this episode if anyone does any nc-17 juicy stuff based on this ep slide that under my ol' ask door i'm here
my gifs supernatural castiel Misha Collins idk why but tumblr has conditioned me to associate cas with bees
“what happens in purgatory stays in purgatory”like that time i woke up in the middle of the nightand found you curled up with casand you were the little spoonand your angel and i just made eye contact and i knew i shouldn’t mention itbut that was the first time i saw you really sleep
submission thank you tiny!Cas jennilah this made me smile so much
1k * mine castiel again what am I doing end!verse 2014!Cas spnedit castieledit I'M MAKING MYSELF SAD guns cw *Castiel sunlitcas hallowedbecastiel inacatastrophicmind
my own art Supernatural art spn art cas bby Castiel art
1k * mine destiel spn spoilers spnedit deancasedit 10x18 destieledit 10x09 *destiel i had to make the gif version b/c dean is so cute when he smiles like this ;u; this show is too hard to colour so i made //another// psd so new colouring maybe
my gif my shit DEANCAS spn spoilers my gif: spn food cw deancasedits deancasedit destieledit cutest angel in the garrison spndeancas my gif: deancas eating cw otp: cursed or not destieledits precious baby angel face my gif: dean s10 for ts my gif: cas
1k * mine destiel spn spoilers spnedit deancasedit 10x18 destieledit 9x23 *destiel they love each other so much i'm gonna cry
1k m castiel spn cas spn spoilers spnedit castieledit spncastiel spncas spn s10
1k * mine castiel 5k spn 10k !!! spn spoilers Charlie Bradbury spnedit castieledit spncastiel spncharliebradbury spn s10 Book of the Damned cas and charlie spn 10x18
supernatural castiel cas SPN family spn spoilers Castiel's Grace Evil better hide
supernatural sam winchester Jared Padalecki bobby singer jim beaver
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