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mine requested Cersei Lannister Jaime Lannister Ned Stark catelyn tully viserys targaryen mine: asoiaf that's all Tywin Lannister i hope you like it! gotedit lysa tully gotcatelynstark gotjaimelannister gotcerseilannister gotcatelyntully asoiafedit gotnedstark gotviserystargaryen gottywinlannister gotlysatully mine: fancasting viperofsand mine: preseries i expanded the idea a little but i think i'm still faithful to what you had in mind :) also just to be clear this is not meant to be a ~they had it coming~ sort of thing just a consideration of irony in asoiaf (only using some ecamples + there are much much more) i do realize this set is rude :S sorry! (oh god i hope there's no typos)
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my gifs game of thrones asoiaf Arya Stark daenerys targaryen Brienne of Tarth davos seaworth beric dondarrion gotedit mance rayder edmure tully doran martell asoiafedit westeros is so elitist which makes sense two of the people who care about smallfolk are lowborn and were once yes yes beric doesn't say that but it's another member of the brotherhood explaining the brotherhood so it is appropriate i just KNOW someone is going to ask where marge is marge is running a PR campaign when she married renly her family starved out kings landing and then when they joined joff brought tons of food so the small folk would love them because the small folk didn't know it was the tyrells fault they were starving
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my gifs mine requested Ned Stark catelyn tully mine: asoiaf i hope you like it! scheduled post cat x ned gotcatelynstark gotcatelyntully asoiafedit gotnedstark mine: fancasting mine: preseries i decided to focus on the very first years and stop where things probably started to get better when cat and ned started to know and love each other (but this is really my headcanon i don't think we know when had ned the sept built tbh) it focuses more on catelyn becaue we know more details from these years from her but i tried to include both sides :) it's not exactly romantic but i wanted to make it as close to canon as possible and i think there's some beauty in how they didn't fall in love with each other right away but how it was a process as i said i hope like it! it was beautiful to make :)
How to Flirt
1) Make eye contact2) Smile and approach3) Whisper “The Lannisters send their regards”4) Stab5) Leave
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