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mine A:TLA atla Avatar: the last airbender Graphic avatar the last airbender asoiaf ah well just fyi stg idek what I was going for pai sho also I love catelyn stark I think the idea was really solid in my head but I just really suck at graphics
game of thrones catelyn stark Petyr Baelish gotedit gotcatelynstark gotpetyrbaelish petyr you creep you surely don't get 'no' for an answer idk i had this in my drafts for a few days but if you ask me it's not love it's obsession especially when you can clearly see cat doesn't give a fuck about his feelings for her
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  • eddard:read the terms and conditions all the way through and follows them. makes his theme so that you can see the "next page" button and the tags, and gets annoyed if you don't but doesn't say so.
  • catelyn:interacts with her followers a lot, opinionated but tries to stay out of drama. always the one to tell people "is this really worth fighting over" or whatever.
  • robb:half hipster blog, half personal posts that he always puts under readmores
  • sansa:designer fashions she thinks are pretty, and cute animals. also sometimes she uploads herself singing song covers
  • arya:text post blogger who accidentally got tumblr famous from some weird post she came up with randomly . has an extensive tag of pictures of nymeria.
  • bran:nature photography with autoplay of calm music, has some blog title like "in touch with my inner universe"
  • rickon:never types properly and doesn't care, posts a lot of short, incomprehensible personal posts and pictures of wolves.
  • jon:☪follow for more grunge☪
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