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I think somebody wants attention
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13 Reasons Cats Are Basically Magic
from thedodo.com 1. All cats are born with innate ninja abilities. 2. They are the sneakiest of thieves, with no remorse.3. Felines are experts at hiding from you — well, sort of.4. Unbeknownst to many, cats can become liquid.5. They can morph into entirely new creatures whenever they feel like it...
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*sees a very fat and fluffy cat*me: *gasps* oh my god are you seeing this shit??? are you fucking seeing this????!?! oh my god
my friend’s cat ended up with severe wheezing, a bloody nose & bloody urine, & almost died. only antibiotics & a $500 vet bill saved her cat.she complained to Tidy Cats, & they mailed her a check for $300, but IT IS STILL BEING SOLD!!!??? a quick search of amazon reviews reveals many...
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