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Grammar: A Masterlist of CC Guides
Punctuation: Colons Dashes Ellipses (in fiction) Ellipses (in formal writing) Em Dashes Oxford comma Punctuation in dialogue Semi-colons Semi-colons 2 The possessive apostrophe Right word for the job: A lot vs alot A part vs apart Affect vs Effect Alright vs All right Bear vs Bare It’s vs Its Learne...
  • Interviewer:Who is the scariest member of SNSD?
  • Taeyeon:Seohyun and Tiffany (laughs)
  • Tiffany:It's Seohyun.
  • Taeyeon:Seohyun is 100% scary.
  • Interview:Why?
  • Taeyeon:She's the nicest but once she gets mad, you really don't know what will happen next.
  • Tiffany:Nae (Yes), She's very kind, patient and very tender. She doesn't get mad easily, but once she's mad, You would really feel guilty for making her mad.
  • Taeyeon:But we really do love that kid.
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Your Character: A Masterlist of CC Guides
Character creation: Character creation questionnaire Character foils Core values Core values 2 Creating a character from scratch Eating an orange Fears, weaknesses, and pet peeves Flaws Inventory Mary Sue / Gary Stu Outline for a distinct character Personal effects Supporting characters Swoons and w...
im actually sobbing i cannt zayns hair and his voice harrys outfit liams whole eNTIRE EXISTENCE louis though please baby AND NIALLS HAIR shit theyre performing to so many people im so proud
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Mas ela encontrou você. Você, que não é príncipe. Você, que não tem cavalo branco. Você, que é humano. Você, que também erra. Você, que é ho...
Sou forte. Meio doce e meio ácida. Em alguns dias acho que sou fraca. E boba. Preciso de um lugar onde enfiar a cara pra esconder as lágrima...