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Grammar: A Masterlist of CC Guides
Punctuation: Colons Dashes Ellipses (in fiction) Ellipses (in formal writing) Em Dashes Oxford comma Punctuation in dialogue Semi-colons Semi-colons 2 The possessive apostrophe Right word for the job: A lot vs alot A part vs apart Affect vs Effect Alright vs All right Bear vs Bare It’s vs Its Learne...
  • Interviewer:Who is the scariest member of SNSD?
  • Taeyeon:Seohyun and Tiffany (laughs)
  • Tiffany:It's Seohyun.
  • Taeyeon:Seohyun is 100% scary.
  • Interview:Why?
  • Taeyeon:She's the nicest but once she gets mad, you really don't know what will happen next.
  • Tiffany:Nae (Yes), She's very kind, patient and very tender. She doesn't get mad easily, but once she's mad, You would really feel guilty for making her mad.
  • Taeyeon:But we really do love that kid.
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Your Character: A Masterlist of CC Guides
Character creation: Character creation questionnaire Character foils Core values Core values 2 Creating a character from scratch Eating an orange Fears, weaknesses, and pet peeves Flaws Inventory Mary Sue / Gary Stu Outline for a distinct character Personal effects Supporting characters Swoons and w...
im actually sobbing i cannt zayns hair and his voice harrys outfit liams whole eNTIRE EXISTENCE louis though please baby AND NIALLS HAIR shit theyre performing to so many people im so proud
Mas ela encontrou você. Você, que não é príncipe. Você, que não tem cavalo branco. Você, que é humano. Você, que também erra. Você, que é ho...
Si una persona vuelve a tu vida para remediar el error que cometió, entonces vale la pena
No puedo creer que aun tenga ganas de quererte
Sou forte. Meio doce e meio ácida. Em alguns dias acho que sou fraca. E boba. Preciso de um lugar onde enfiar a cara pra esconder as lágrima...
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