• character: daisy johnson •
Captain America skye hydra agents of shield grant ward Daisy Johnson show: agents of shield character: daisy johnson actor: chloe bennet character: grant ward actor: brett dalton xtp: i'm still happy I shot you it's all in my file
requested intro ashley johnson marisha ray matthew mercer Travis Willingham Liam O'Brien laura bailey Sam Riegel critical role taliesin jaffe critteredit this may be redone in the future they're a little choppy i'm sorry
edit Aaron Johnson Aaron Taylor Johnson atjedit
coachella the 1975 george daniel adam hann matty healy
Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use.
art Black Girls Rock black women art Doodle 4 Google Akilah Johnson
StarWars.com has the official announcement that Episode VIII...
Black and White vintage paris france History 1940s bicycle historic 1949 notre dame streetscape street scene tore johnson
space science math nasa Taraji P. Henson STEM katherine johnson hidden figures
Rooster Teeth gavin free rtah lazer team woody johnson god bless gus for taking this haha
This is Jack Johnson, the first ever black heavyweight champion
Born in Texas in 1878, deep in the Jim Crow South, his parents were former slaves. He would go on to be the most famous black person of the era, covered in the press more than every other notable black person combined.In 1903 he won The World Colored Heavyweight Championship. At this point The Heavy...
I made this agents of shield aosedit Daisy Johnson daisyjohnsonedit thehexologist for pooja who tagged one of my last gifsets with 'someone hug her and don't ever stop' haha here all the hugs in the world (not all of them like coulson and her hugging could be its own gifset lbr) (jemma too honestly)
Black models afro natural hair melanin
photography Jesus nature handwriting handlettering
Erykah Badu The Fader
“Gina Rodriguez, Tatiana Maslany and Olivia Cooke are on the top list. “Jupiter Ascending” star Gugu Mbatha-Raw also got a mysterious character in the upcoming film.”AN...
art sculpture painting Aaron Johnson
1k 90s tv series Twin Peaks david lynch bobby briggs shelly johnson
1k MY EDIT the team marveledit bobbi morse agents of shield Jemma Simmons Leo Fitz aosedit Daisy Johnson jemmasimmonsedit skyeedit lance hunter leofitzedit lancehunteredit bobbimorseedit aos crack my aos crack daisyjohnsonedit i kinda wanna make one for once as well but idk if i have the energy
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