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Bruce Wayne outside of Batman
So I saw this: Bruce Wayne could do a lot more to fight crime in Gotham City by funding youth programs with his immense wealth instead of dressing up like a bat and dishing out vigilante justice. (just-shower-thoughts)And thought it would be a cool to research Bruce as a philanthropist and Wayne Ent...
  • People who have only watched the movies:Batman is hugging a kid? He's acting too fatherly, like what is this?
  • Comic book fans:Oh look, he found another child.
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an ode to dick and damian in masterpost form I admit, when Damian was first introduced in comics back in 2006 I really, really hated him. I thought he was unnecessary and one dimensional and rude and terrible but THEN he appeared in Nightwing #138/139 for the Return of Ra’s al Ghul tie in.  ...
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