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When your friend suggest doing the charlie charlie challenge 
White people will summon a Mexican demon into their homes but will tell me I need to leave their country
It is an old Mexican ritual of using a sort of séance to contact a young boy’s spirit. Since so many people are doing it, Charlie must hop from place to place very quickly, leaving portals open. THESE PORTALS ARE ENTRYWAYS FOR DEMONS. If you for whatever reason do this challenge make sure that...
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  • Summer 2014:Let's dump water over our heads and call it a challenge.
  • Summer 2015:Let's summon fucking demons and other hell spawn and call it a challenge.
contacting spirits 101
ok so I see this Charlie Charlie challenge has become a “thing” and seems similar enough to ouija board which I do frequently enough so here’s a masterpost on how to stay safe while contacting spirits without being all lecture-y as these posts usually are BEFORE THE SESSION 1) ...
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Guys, you’re not summoning Charlie Charlie, you’re summoning Isaac Newton
(Isaac Newton - Godfrey Kneller)Actually, you’re not even summoning him…Overnight, my social media has become full of this “Charlie Charlie Challenge”. There are vines and facebook videos of people balancing pencils on top of each other and then dropping their camera as they run screaming, ou...
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Charlie Brown Christmas Dances, Ranked
8. Violet’s dance suggests that Mrs. Othmar was right not to let her use the big kid scissors. I have pantophobia about her landing one of those right uppercuts.7. Sally will never win over her Sweet Babboo if she dances like your aunt when she hears Love Shack at a wedding.6. When comedians in the ...
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Para invocar a Charlie Charlie, todo el mundo tiene lápiz. Pero cuando yo necesito que me presten un...
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  • Refuses to play such a ridiculous game:Capricorn
  • Totally chill but then the pencil moves and they run away screaming:Gemini, Libra, Cancer, Virgo, Pisces
  • Asks Charlie the most hilarious questions:Aries, Leo, Aquarius
  • Actually blowing the pencil to scare everyone:Taurus, Sagittarius, Scorpio