• cheek to cheek •
lady gaga MY EDIT 2015 cheek to cheek
  • Frankenstein in pop-culture:Ha ha! You fools! I have wrought life upon this monstrosity! It's alive! Bwhahahahaha!
  • Frankenstein in the book:*the necromancy equivalent of writing an essay at 4am then looking at the incomprehensible mess next day and screaming*
*mine *gifs httyd 2 dreamworksedit filmedit animationedit httyd2edit allhttydgifs httyd2gifs i love the leg twirl in the first gif and toothless' cheek puff in the last one
Send “Peck” for a reaction from my muse when yours give them a kiss on the cheek.
Or: “Smooch” for on the lips“Double Smooch” for on the neck
rats rat mood pet rat fancy rat rodents ratties rattie pet rats fancy rats Behaviour animal behaviour
gif mine arrow oliver queen arrowedit felicity smoak olicity olicityedit hawknat
Michael Jackson ladybug Billie Jean moonwalk Miraculous Ladybug Marinette Cheng chat noir ladynoir adrien agreste miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir adrinette marinette dupain-cheng
1k bts 5k IM SCREMAING kimgifs Bangtan vmin
** selena gomez selenamg danielsgillies sgomezgif still figuring out how to make pretty gifs :/// probably i'll never figure that out
birds parrot conure Green Cheek Conure
interview all magazine billboard article i love them so much 5sos 5 seconds of summer Ashton Irwin Calum Hood luke hemmings michael clifford billboard 0915
space science AMA menstruation nprspacejam
ladybug Miraculous Ladybug cat noir
mine AXK i want to see him smile again Aoharu x Kikanjuu blue spring x machine gun matsuoka masamune axkedit biggest nerd actual sweetheart and giant cutiepie *kisses his cheek* im gonna marry him goodbye *Q* the latest chapters are making me upset he deserves warm hugs and happiness there's so much i want to say about matsuoka masamune /cries
ouat Regina Mills apparently actual disney princess art: mine I make my own destiny. My headcanon says that Regina meets little Princess Emma pretty early on. Emma is fascinated by Regina's sass and Regina loves that Emma climbs trees and doesn't always listen to her parents. Swan Queen finds it's way into everything. Bonus points for Little Princess Emma screaming I will always find you! when Cora separates the two and forbids Regina to see her.
art dragon age da iron bull dorian sits on the counter all day just. swinging his legs n stealing kisses varric happily obliges cole doesnt really understand but lets bull kiss his cheek and then gets all blushy and smiles sera slams five sovereigns on the counter and tries for tongue cassandra is much too dignified for such matters of course blackwall stays away. far away. cullen gets practically thrown up to the counter by josie and leliana and begrudgingly gets a kiss speaking of the girls: they take a cheek each vivienne is frankly offended by the shade of pink bull painted the stall so she refuses a kiss krem stands at the counter counting his money and solas........ solas cannot escape bulls teasing the inner circle go to extreme lengths to get solas to the counter it becomes a quest with the combined effort of the entire inquisition THE ART IS BAD I JUST WANTED TO TALK ABOUT WHAT I JUST TALKED ABOUT IN THE TAGS LOL gonna go draw dorian bye
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