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An estimated 63 percent of young men between the ages of 11 and 20 who are imprisoned for homicide have killed their mothers’ batterer...
I recently became inspired to write this tip list. TW: Abuse
If you are living with an abusive person (be it a spouse, sibling, cousin, roommate, or partner, and whether it is physical or verbal or whatever), here’s some tips. 1. If the person demands you isolate yourself by deleting things like facebook, tumblr, etc, here’s a tip: Do it, and let ...
Abusers are really good at is making you feel like your anger is worse than their abuse.
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Get "womenrworthless" banned.
Suit up for combat, ladies and gentlemen. We have a serious problem. Go check out womenrworthless.tumblr.com, (((trigger warning on his blog for: abuse, slut-shaming, slurs, domestic violence, porn, extreme violence, blood)) try your best not to throw up, and then report his violent, idiotic, oppres...
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Persona uhhhh I sure do abuse these colors let's redraw old junk!
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