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1k mine game of thrones anyways jon snow Terrible mine: got got spoilers white walkers gotedit gotjonsnow i hope you like it c: bjornstark ok so i already made you a björn thing once and since you love jon and the new episode was AWESOME here is a jon set about the new ep (otherwise i would have made a general jon thing) (also his speech made me emotional?) ????? wtf this happens when you get old)
gif cat s5 game of thrones jon snow got spoilers white walkers 5.08 gotedit gotjonsnow
mine vintage birthday marilyn monroe gif set happybirthdaymarilyn monroedit
my stuff game of thrones got spoilers gotedit
mine text 19 kids and counting josh duggar michelle duggar
Picspam 1 alfonso cuaron caps Children of Men emmanuel lubezki andreiitarkovsky Jim Clay Geoffrey Kirkland
scenery ours Ash the fall jodhaa akbar fancast joanna lannister doran martell dorne fatih asoiafedit gotmartells water gardens unnamed princess of dorne of kings and prophets yasmine al massri fetih 1453 Gamze Özçelik sahika koldemir seda akman
Final Boss (Final Phase)
pokemon mesprit azelf uxie 1k or more pokegraphic my favorite pokemon kin tag (is that the right tag? im sorry if its not) (idk what this is its pretty gross lookin i know) (im bored and i love the lake trio) little legend sinnoh love knowledge is power or so they say tell me the secrets of the heart will yourself to go on
my edits omfg free! makoharu mook Free! Eternal summer Sourin makoharu mook my babies saving their babies my gay swimmer CHILDREN SouRin mook
Racism canada native genocide first nations cultural genocide colonialism cdnpoli Metis canadian politics residential schools FNMI
pets snakes reptiles burmese python Dumat
Racism fuck the police Signal Boost ferguson kevin allen KILL COPS fuck racism fuck the cops blacklivesmatter black lives matter farfromover ALL Black Lives Matter Blatimore Uprising KevinAllen
Street Art mural public art tu recepcja seen on the streets crossconnectmag seth globepainter
ariana miyamoto
“Americans should fear immigrants more than Isis… if ...
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