• chill •
You’ve heard of Netflix and Chill, now get ready for
IMAX and climax
  • women's shampoos be like:coconut; honey/milk; rose; tropical fruits; aloe vera
new years network my stuff end of the world notes bill apocalypse netflix valentines day spooky bill murray paranormal ghosts 1000 notes ghostbusters 100k notes closed captions 2016 bummer febuary ghostbusters 2 DEATH TO ALL cosmic queers network 50000 notes netflix and chill
LGBT myposts lgbtq Marriage Equality GOD BLESS love wins
2015 was my character development year which means 2016 is strictly action and story progression and i don’t know about you but i’m excited
Marc Jacobs no chill
50k TIME Magazine donald trump 25k 100k 75k makes no sense nochillatall brandon evers brandonevrs
funny Basketball text movies mall Ball is life meme friends twitter jokes joe jonas kevin jonas Nick Jonas jonas brothers waiting chill WAIT late outside ride reaction i'm here black tumblr black twitter
5k 10k alfonso ribeiro 15k 20k epic 50k dancing with the stars 25k 7500 nochillatall netflix and chill markell yungburgers get me out of here i'm a celebrity
why do moms get so pissed about how many empty water bottles you have in your room 
love Christmas happy music friends birthday best The favorite fun happiness books world smile good feelings <3 in sleeping Friday late someone hanging out waking up Inlove long time newborns
music help keep Useful playlists sites study help
LOL funny u no chill
chill netflix roymedina netflix and chill ROY MEDINA
  • No Male Ever:Yeah I really like her but she doesn't have a thigh gap
20 minutes into LOTR and chill and he gives u this look
1k mine twitter Katy Perry tweets etc Superbowl super bowl Halftime the incredibles one was my tweet lmao
Your 20's: the era when you gotta make shit happen but all you wanna do is chill.
cute cats puppies aww photos
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