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Some contextual points on Hong Kong.
I’ve been on vacation and am returning to the real world now, and I’m sure what I’m about to write will be repetitive for some. But I can’t not write it, and I hope that you share it because tomorrow, October 1, has the potential to be a historic day for Hong Kong, good or ba...
Cuando veo "Made in China" no leo "meid in chaina" sino MADE IN CHINA.
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No futebol: Brasil 8 x 0 China :::::::::::::::::::: Na educação China 8 x? 0 Brasil
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Theses on Monsters by China Mieville
from here. 1.The history of all hitherto-existing societies is the history of monsters. Homo sapiens is a bringer-forth of monsters as reason’s dream. They are not pathologies but symptoms, diagnoses, glories, games, and terrors. 2. To insist that an element of the impossible and fantastic is a sin...
Supongo que en CHINA todo dice "Hecho aquí".
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