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Misha Collins twitter posts /chokes
gif LOL animals hot dog seagull chokES
my gif mp mayday parade Terrible Things derek sanders *chokes from the tears*
1k 7k 5k 2k 4k liveblogging 6k 3k 8k chokES furious 6
* the vampire diaries klaus mikaelson i love you so much bb *chokes and dies*
*** shinee s* nope absolutely not DONE WITH YOU ALL CHOKES ON LIFE
legend of korra ahhhhhh
louis tomlinson Harry Styles Larry Stylinson gifs: * gifs: lourry gifs: 2012 (wheezes) sIZe (chokes) dif f erENce (collapses)
mine sailor moon michiru kaioh haruka tenoh HaruMichi sm* sailormoonedit chokes look at harukas face this whole scene is soooo beautiful
homestuck Jade Harley update upd8 grimbark
mygifs exo tao i hate you exo m you perfect human being forever sobbing huang zitao /chokes then dies
dbsk tvxq jyj jaejoong edit4 edit:jaejoong omgay im so bored my angel sobs /chokes self bc cheesy af
One Direction liam payne paul higgins
twitter cutie amazingphil
Zayn Malik lmao zayn is uncle jesse
1k boy wow mygif 5k 10k korean makeover miscgif 3k ok... make over *CHOKES* uhuhuuu yeah i just spent like an hour and a half on this kill me im so tired
* Wufan edit;misc © monsieur monster '  holik monsieur monster as a fansite name is hella also dark hair /chokes
hetalia APH Spain i can't breathe fucking incredible ohmy fckin g?!?!? pruss-in-boots jfc aeron