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background masterpost!
this took me a whole lot of time so i hope you like it!  this post includes pixel gif bgs POKEMON bgs pixel scenery bgs scenery bgs cute/kawaii bgs lace borders sidebars   pixel gif bgs: POKEMON bgs: pixel scenery bgs: ...
Hoje eu acordei com uma vontade enorme de olhar no fundo dos seus olhos.
BACKGROUND MASTER POST !!! YAY !!! I decided to make one of these because I’ve been getting a lot of asks about where I get my backgrounds…  90+ backgrounds… some intended for no-repeat; background size; 100% (the pixel scenes) and some intended for repeat; (tile backgr...
Pixel Backgrounds (?????)
Pattern Backgrounds
Cite uma diferença entre os Japoneses e os Chineses:
- Pessoas Normais: Os Japoneses têm mais de um alfabeto: Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji e Romanji. E os Chineses têm dois alfabetos: Kanji e Romaji. - Eu:  Japoneses nasceram no Japão e Chineses na China. (mandsblf - noitesilenciosa)
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"cite dois defeitos seus?" "meu rosto e o resto"
okay this may be a little early but here’s a christmas background masterpost for y’all!! none of these pictures belong to me so don’t give me credit and if a picture is yours and you want me to remove it (or add credit) then please let me know! please don’t be that person ...
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2,000+ pixels, backgrounds, banners!
so i tried to categorize them as best as i could, hopefully guys can find everything. everything pretty much goes with redux themes but you can use for whatever you want. cute animals: hearts:                                                                                                          ...
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