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Updated July 5th 2015 - please feel free to add more resources!Latin Learning & ToolsKennedy’s Latin GrammarLatin Prose Composition GuideCambridge Latin Course OnlineCommon Classical vocabGlossa (Lewis & Short dictionary - downloadable!)Search Latin textsLatin Library grammar and vocab shee...
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Man Finds Out He Killed His Father… You Won’t Believe What He Found Out Next.Why Is Achilles Dressed As A Woman? You’ll Be Horrified… Then Inspired.He’s On Trial… Find Out Why He Refuses To Escape.6 Times A Freak Of Nature Was Actually Just Anger Of The Gods.19 Sons Of Priam Act...
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Saying adults cannot read YA Literature because it was not written for that age group is like saying teens cannot read Classic Literature because it was not written for our age group.
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The Greco-Roman Mythology Short List
A while ago, patrouclus asked me for a mythology-reading guide (like a what-should-I-read-first guide), so here goes. This is basically the syllabus for the intro myth class I teach for college freshmen. It’s kind of long (reasons my students are terrified of me, ahem), so the absolute must-reads ar...
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"When in Rome, do as the Romans do!" I shout, as I stab my political opponent to death.