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The first primaries are coming up fast and if Bernie Sanders is going to turn his lead in the polls in early states into a primary victory young people NEED to vote. In just a few months all this activism comes to a head and Bernie Sanders has a very real chance at winning. Bernie Sanders is already...
who has a background in flower arranging taking a break from exam studying!!! doing something early for halloween but it's not really related also oh my god i haven't drawn guys in forever how do I draw male characters!!! but it basically looks like a girl with short hair i need to work on that I really enjoy doing traditional work!!! usually takes much less time and working with only lines is relaxing also for messages asking how I scan my traditional work!!! sweats nervously as I use my phone cam
100 Things To Do In Your Study Break:
Go for a walk.Do some cleaning.Play with your pet.Call your Mum/DadText a friend.Get some tea/coffeeRead the headlinesDo a crosswordHave a danceDo yogaCatch up on your favourite blogsOrganise your workspaceWrite a short storySketch a picturePaint your nailsRead a chapter of a book.Make origamiLook a...
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1k * mystuff 2k Amy Adams 500 3k amyadamsedit aadamsedit you're 40 but you look like someome with 30 and i dgaf about the time zone because in my country it's already your birthday yay happy b-day sunshine ilysm
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