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The best comic books aren’t coming from Marvel or DC. They’re coming from a company called Image. Those comic books are called...
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Happy Father's Day with the Dads of DC Comics
Today is Father’s Day so if you have a dad or someone you think of as a dad and they love you and you love them, I hope you have a good day. To celebrate I am once again offering my apologies to Dr. Seuss and offering a poem for the day. (ahem) There are dads who stealthy And dads who are wealthy ...
New-ish story for Maple Key Comics issue 5. Maple Key is a terrific anthology run by some of the Center for Cartoon Studies alumni. Check them out at http://maplekeycomics.tumblr.com 
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Howe suggests that some new readers have been drawn into the Marvel universe by the onslaught of blockbuster movies. Wilson notes the growin...
Dear Gentlemen of Comics...Can We Talk?
  Laying my sword down for a second. You’re safe here. I’m not going to hack you to pieces. For the moment, at least. (See? That’s a joke. I’m normal just like you. I make jokes too.) But I warn you, this is probably not something you want to hear. Don’t be scared though. It’s okay. Just stick a...
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How I make the comics
I’ve been asked a few times how my comic making process works now that I’ve switched to penciling digitally, so I’m going to do a write up about that. As always you can find all my blogging about making comics on this handy tumblr post.So, previously I made comics completely traditionally. Here’s a ...