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“Political correctness” is a concept invented by the privileged to transform basic respect into something political and therefore controversial.
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Conservative Fox News host Bill O’Reilly seemed supportive of a transgender woman’s right to compete in the Miss Universe competition during his show on Friday. During a segment a...
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The complete and full explanation of T-Ara's controversy.
This post contains every single nook and cranny that contributes to this huge controversy. The evidence here is overwhelming, and even I find it funny how one of T-ara’s fansites has even become a site “asking for the truth”. After seeing this, you will never see T-ara the same way...
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A Woman's Last Name
I was taught by my American culture that I must change my name when I get married because I am his. I was taught by Islam that I don’t have to change the name my father gave me. I am not my husband’s property. 
Scarlett Johansson has spoken for the first time about the Woody Allen sexual abuse allegations since being called out in Dylan Farrow’s open letter last month, and she call...
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Chris Colfer leaves the headline-making to his costars.  The Glee star, 23, told PEOPLE on Friday that he makes “a great deal of effort” to stay out of the controversy...
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L.A. Cracks Down on Tiny Houses for Homeless
Elvis Summers turned the tiny home trend into a viral campaign to bring innovative shelters to homeless men and women living in and around Los Angeles. He’s raised more than $85,000 in crowdfunding for the project, called Tiny House, Huge Purpose, and received an overflow of volunteers and building ...
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