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Nick: What’s been your favorite moment of One Direction and Radio 1 having a night out together?  Tina: It’s… it’s hard… Oh I know, behind the scenes access to Harry’s dressing room! That was good.Nick: Oh yeah. Talk to me about that dressing room.Tina: That was the highlight. It was weird. It wasn’...
MY EDIT vips ji i wanna see his face i seriously don't understand how cool and calm they were even that girl who screamed she was able to continue the convo like it's nothing AND THIS FAN IS SO AWESOME vji my ji edit btw the other female fan is so annoying ji was right to hang up on her
I feel like this is something Lin Manuel needs to hear
Bear with me. linmanuel thefederalistfreestyle publius-esquireI have been talking about my grandmother a lot this past week or so, and here I am talking about her again. But this needs to be shared.Today is her 88th birthday, and while I helped her get ready for the day, I put on Hamilton.Now, my gr...
  • Me:Okay, so I would identify as bisexual.
  • Dad:And that means you would have a male partner.
  • Me:Yep.
  • Dad:Or a female partner.
  • Me:Yep.
  • Dad:And that means you're bi.
  • Me:Yep.
  • Dad:So that means if you don't find a partner you're on standbi?
  • ...
When you plan a convo in your head and the other person doesn’t follow the script ??????????????????...
study studying mp xx LAWBLR medblr study motivation study inspiration appblr study masterpost studyspo studyblr study blog studyspiration studyinspo studyvation langblr studyinsp
1k mine mine:others jonathan strange and mr norrell jonathan strange & mr norrell perioddramaedit jsamn jsamnedit bethgreenesgirlgang i felt inspired to make this after our little twitter convo so here mine:jsamn
gif ice cream sundae trifle jeni's ice cream
art advice
otp series 2 My Mad Fat Diary sharon rooney nico mirallegro mmfd mmfdmeme rinn frae dundun don't think I've ever heard dickhead use so much in one convo
dragon age mygifs* personal fave hall of shame daedit daedits Blackwall blackwall x inquisitor lumberjack bf otp: heart laid bare why are there so many EXTREME CLOSE UPS in his romance scenes there's not a lot of banter regarding this romance but i really liked that convo between solas and blackwall
2pac KendrickArt

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real__pcy: ????????????????????????????????????????#????#???...
  • Boy 1:That's a GIIIIIIIIRRRL lunchbox!
  • Boy 2:So what?! It's still going to hurt if i hit you with it!
I hate that close minded people get so angry, offended, down right rude and hostile when you try to explain something they don’t understand. Like I’m more than happy to explain this to you in a level headed conversation but you’ve got to stop whining like a infant for two seconds t...
  • person:u wanna fight me?!?!
  • me:no i want to weep quietly in my blankets because nothing is real and we are all imaginary beings
mygifs Orphan Black clone club obedits gifs:au jenniferfitzsimmons i'd like to thank mayka for the headcanons for each convo YOU'RE AN ANGEL AND ILY
doodles UUHH gonna make that a tag for things that are even dumber than usual satan / Lol dont know what to tag
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