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funny Jessica humour Friendship snsd convo taeyeon touching Chat sadness joking laughing TaeNy taengsic ot9 soshibond jessica snsd happy moment happy together season 3 episode 248 realest moment titaengsic taengsicny
1k mine LOTR facebook Frodo no shame lotredit let's not talk about how long this took me the convo between sam and frodo may or may not be one between me and whitney we are sam and frodo CLICK FOR MORE DETAIL
teacher pink kids education sexism feminism neutral gender gender rules
Cuddle weather? Fuck that. It’s hickey season. You can hide anything behind a large scarf.
LOL my gifs game of thrones asoiaf Jaime Lannister Brienne of Tarth i dont know what this is Jaime x Brienne gotedit text post meme this is 10 years late but books and show jb convo are funnier tbqfh jb just chillin while others need to chill
doctor who Rose Tyler requests series 1 gwyneth the unquiet dead dwedit rtdedit made by tay [i love this convo a lot] [sorry for being so late with this]
Convo with my crazy ex
Her: nigga why the fuck can’t we have sex anymore? Me: I mean your pussy bomb but…*flashesback to the wild ass sex Her: Me: Her: but what? Me: nothin I’m On my way
doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith mine 1000n dw gifs dwedit clara oswald jenna coleman oh enjoy giffed the whole phone convo mehr i tried
baby steps to learning to love yourself : - look in the mirror everyday and say “wow i’m super cute” - drink lots of h20  - wear whatever you’d like and don’t let anyone stop you - ignore the scale - eat lots of strawberries - spend time with nature - do things that make YOU feel g...
funny dress nerd work fake Hot Topic majoras mask
overhearing a conversation about pokemon more like
1k funny screencap gay 5k convo 10k 15k 20k 40K 25k 30k 35k 45k blood donation meetme
mine iphone convo
photo im laughing text tag i miss talking to him ngl the funniest part was this was a guy i dumped not too long before this convo
my aesthetic is elizabeth swann making out with jack sparrow and snarling as she handcuffs him to the black pearl and leaves him to be devoured by the kraken and the look of pride and admiration he gives her as she abandons him to his death 
Morrigan dragon age daedits gamediting sin** dorianpavus IS THERE ANYTHING MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN MAGES morrigan's ruthless survivalist nature appeals to me so much because she's incredibly self-aware except when it comes to admitting her feelings :') she lies to herself about some things but... she is aware of what is going on in the rest of the world and she's so cunning she is aware of how mages and elves are oppressed but she doesn't believe in risking her neck to free those who can't free themselves yet she is idealistic to a degree? she /wants/ change; she welcomes change and you can be sure she is pulling her own strings in DA:I as she always is this line gets to me so much; i need no faith for magic to fill me up inside god i love how morrigan never apologizes for who she is; i love that so much because the norm is for mages born in circles to regret their lot in life; the burden of being born a mage (unless you're in tevinter) but morrigan was never in a circle and she relishes in it and ughhh i love you so much several of the other companions get into convos with her abt how she's so cruel and she'll die alone etc and this was in a convo with leliana about the maker and god it's JUST MORRIGAN FINDS SOLACE IN MAGIC OTHER MAGES HATE THEMSELVES FOR THEIR MAGIC BUT SHE FINDS SOLACE AND SECURITY IN IT
haikyuu horror works record also old bc twitter im gonna post a lot today
  • otp:[insults each other]
  • me:be still my beating heart
ahaha Fairy Tail also cobra Jellal Fernandes Crime Sorciere /flies away drawranges blanania tagging u grace bc of our convo ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN :3 kagepajama your ask jellul and hair colors and now i must go
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