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real__pcy: ????????????????????????????????????????#????#???...
  • Boy 1:That's a GIIIIIIIIRRRL lunchbox!
  • Boy 2:So what?! It's still going to hurt if i hit you with it!
I hate that close minded people get so angry, offended, down right rude and hostile when you try to explain something they don’t understand. Like I’m more than happy to explain this to you in a level headed conversation but you’ve got to stop whining like a infant for two seconds t...
  • person:u wanna fight me?!?!
  • me:no i want to weep quietly in my blankets because nothing is real and we are all imaginary beings
mygifs Orphan Black clone club obedits gifs:au jenniferfitzsimmons i'd like to thank mayka for the headcanons for each convo YOU'RE AN ANGEL AND ILY
doodles UUHH gonna make that a tag for things that are even dumber than usual satan / Lol dont know what to tag
me instagram taeyang mp bigbang y Dong Youngbae BYE KILL ME
kids realtalk theyknow
My art word vomit Sterek Tea wrote that! Isn't she talented?! UwU okay okay but back to the pic stiles' expression is just so bROKEN. but their poses especially derek's just screams a secret rendezvous where derek's hands travel up stiles' thighs reassuringly. maybe like something happened the night before or the week before - probably a near death experience?? and stiles hasn't seen derek since at that night (the pic) and he's just touching as much as he can. to feel to know that it's real that der ek is real and it hurts so much because they know it's not going to last but goddamn he loves him. copied this from a convo I had with her hehe
1k fans :') important lauren jauregui fifth harmony 5hsolo
  • Student:can I forfeit math and learn two or three languages instead
  • Student:it'll actually apply to my life
  • American School System:you have to learn math
  • Student:I know basic math and algebra
  • American School System:because you'll all becoming engineers
  • American School System:all of you
  • American School System:you need math
  • American School System:for engineering
  • ...
NSFW olivia gaius long post Fire Emblem: Awakening burdarts not nsfw enough for my nsfw blog lol CANDY BIKINIS ARE SO NAATY THO wtf photosets are weird
my edits brooklyn nine nine amy santiago jake x amy b99edit peraltiago SO OBVIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS and look at rosa she knowssssssssssssss we better have a rosa/amy convo asap
1k doctor who my stuff ugh 500 200 100 300 400 600 dw* dw** dwedit clara oswald Moffat hate twelfth doctor moffatwank this is just what i remember and not all of the fit since there were at least 10+ not to mention the raist comments *racist or other problematic behaviour
funny Jessica humour Friendship snsd convo taeyeon touching Chat sadness joking laughing TaeNy taengsic ot9 soshibond jessica snsd happy moment happy together season 3 episode 248 realest moment titaengsic taengsicny
1k mine LOTR facebook Frodo no shame lotredit let's not talk about how long this took me the convo between sam and frodo may or may not be one between me and whitney we are sam and frodo CLICK FOR MORE DETAIL
teacher pink kids education sexism feminism neutral gender gender rules
Cuddle weather? Fuck that. It’s hickey season. You can hide anything behind a large scarf.
LOL my gifs game of thrones asoiaf Jaime Lannister Brienne of Tarth i dont know what this is Jaime x Brienne gotedit text post meme this is 10 years late but books and show jb convo are funnier tbqfh jb just chillin while others need to chill
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