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  • Me:Okay, so I would identify as bisexual.
  • Dad:And that means you would have a male partner.
  • Me:Yep.
  • Dad:Or a female partner.
  • Me:Yep.
  • Dad:And that means you're bi.
  • Me:Yep.
  • Dad:So that means if you don't find a partner you're on standbi?
  • ...
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  • Dad:hey I'm gonna go grocery shopping do you need anything?
  • Me:uuuhhh....
  • Me:contemplates wether or not I should ask him to get me pads since I need them desperately
  • Dad:anything at all?
  • Me:uh... Yeah.... Can you get me some pads
  • Dad:Sure
  • Me:Are you serious? Wouldn't you be embarrassed?
  • Dad:Natalie, I'm a 56 year old man who has been buying pads for your mother for over 20 years. No I'm not embarrassed.
  • ...
  • Boy 1:That's a GIIIIIIIIRRRL lunchbox!
  • Boy 2:So what?! It's still going to hurt if i hit you with it!
When you plan a convo in your head and the other person doesn’t follow the script ??????????????????...
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Cuddle weather? Fuck that. It’s hickey season. You can hide anything behind a large scarf.
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  • Student:can I forfeit math and learn two or three languages instead
  • Student:it'll actually apply to my life
  • American School System:you have to learn math
  • Student:I know basic math and algebra
  • American School System:because you'll all becoming engineers
  • American School System:all of you
  • American School System:you need math
  • American School System:for engineering
  • ...
  • (Names have been altered slightly, just in case.)
  • Josie:I have a new crusshhhhh
  • Matt:Me too! On a boy!
  • Pearl:You're a boy with a crush on a boy?
  • Matt:Yeah he's really cute.
  • Pearl:Oh.
  • (pause for a bit)
  • Matt:Boys can like boys. I just an't marry him because boys can't marry boys.
  • ...
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baby steps to learning to love yourself : - look in the mirror everyday and say “wow i’m super cute” - drink lots of h20  - wear whatever you’d like and don’t let anyone stop you - ignore the scale - eat lots of strawberries - spend time with nature - do things that make YOU feel g...
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