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Too many people counting calories. Not enough people counting chemicals.
Counting Stars
OneRepublic  Native
OneRepublic - Counting Stars
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Counting Stars
One Republic  Native
She is like me. Silent. I admire that in a person. The ability to keep your mouth shut is usually a sign of intelligence. Introspection requ...
tumblr, im counting on you
see this badass motherfucker? my family said 10k notes gets me one they are so fucking awesome go look up a video or some shit COME ON HELP ME THIS IS THE BIRD OF MY DREAMS
So my 7 year old brother and I were listening to counting stars right?
When it came to the chorus and they started saying “well be counting stars” he said well be counting scars instead. So I said it’s stars xave why would they say scars? And he looked right at my arms and goes I thought they wrote the song for you.
when you hit the point in your writing where you can see parallels between scenes and characters and plots and it’s great because it LOOKS like you’re being really smart and making all these connections like some omniscient puppet master but really you have no control over it and youR...
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