• created an album on facebook might as well create a post to organize all the little parts of the story •
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Might as well jump on the bandwagon
For every blog that reblogs this (until 1000 or so notes, cause come on i cant do 4000+ ya know) i will doodle a little picture like this based on your blog theme, posts, and such. i might also write something cute about your blog that i like or something like that. I’ll post the picture in y...
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Signal Boost i literally had a panic attack as soon as i saw the thumbnail please please oh my god tell people not to click this
doctor who first doctor Classic Who An Unearthly Child happy 49th Doctor Who well it's 1.27 here so thought might as well do a anniversary post what a great spirit of adventure it's been prob do some more related posts in the morning and throughout the day