• creys this is so horrible omg •
myedits percy jackson l o l annabeth chase percy jackson and the olympians Grover Underwood the sea of monsters TYSON creys this is so horrible omg gsblkgsdfgs well ok i am in a percy jackson mood today wee~~~~~ i hope it gets notes HA HA HA idk man i was bored lol ok that is all i tag too much apparently
Harry Styles One Direction * baby myedit harry 2012: uk thiS is horrible but i've never seen them omg how can one person be so cute always
gifs robin srsly creys young justice artemis yj a queue for you during this scene i was just flailing WHY ARE THEY SPELLING WORDS WHY DID ARTEMIS FEEL THE NEED TO CONTINUE SPELLING OUT WORDS ONCE ROBIN STARTED IT OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW
*** jennifer lawrence Josh Hutcherson this is horrible quality but i had to gif it omg
There was an earthquake in Nepal today with a magnitude of 7.5 and hundreds of people died while many were injured. The tremors were felt across North and East India. Please send positive thoughts to the loved ones of those who passed and those who are injured and trapped.
“maybe you’ll love yourself like i love you” 
dean winchester why spn *mygifs crying tears of blood spnedit i just made myself cry 8.14 trial and error sammyshero omg this is too horrible this show is horrible why are they doing this to us??
1k mygifs Jared Padalecki gilmore girls alexis bledel Milo Ventimiglia rory gilmore jess mariano omg ugh hate chu jess rewatching gilmore girls atm so many literati creys ughhh bbs forever also this part makes me lol endlesslyyyy
my gifs omg you are so adorable fleury but just look at him i cant even handle this i know horrible quality
Harry Styles * this coloring is horrible but i couldn't upload anything prettier so
photoset gif edit bieber this is horrible but he's so cute
Radio art cooking mama hannibal I couldn't stop laughing whenever I see those gifset of Hannibal looking like a cooking show so this had to be done
doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith ** the doctor jgifs the doctor's wife s:dw omg this is horrible
hm.. what if one day .. their power just swap..? sometimes i can’t help draw silly things O<—<
~ kristen stewart speak le creys this is a request and i watched this again yesterday i just love this movie so much
1k mygif graham humbert it took me forever ouatedit reginamillsedit emmaswanedit hookedit snowwhiteedit rumplestiltskinedit charmingedit bellefrenchedit rubylucasedit henrymillsedit tinkerbelleedit i don't even think he has a tag and that's sad but omg i'm so proud of this but i love it so yay AND I MADE A QUAD HOLY CREYS
Harry Styles liam payne * lirry MY CREYS EVERYTHING IS JUST SO
LOL text wtf true eating disorder fat thinspiration omfg anorexia truth hurts HAHAHA so true no wrong horrible this is wrong this is horrible boohooo beauty is within dear beutiful girls fat is not ugly indeed this is so wrong fcking dramaqueens seriously?wtf i'm eating chocolat i'm eating chips and i don't give a fuck not true by viri nicole skinny whore take it out health over skinny