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bones marching band dci marching drum corps drumline i'm not crying you're crying WGI gateway drum corps international spirit of atlanta cymbals crossmen indoor drumline ALL THE CYMBAL LADIES rythm x plateway
Corps as high school students
Blue Devils: the kinda weird hipster kid that always gets super good grades and all the teachers love Troopers: the cowboy guy that drives a truck to school and you can see the skol can in the pocket of his jeans Carolina Crown: the hot chick that comes to school in a different style every day but...
Blue Devils Dance Auditions 2015 - all vets
tilt 2014 bluecoats crossmen
mine dci Santa Clara Vanguard drum corps colts SCV phantom regiment Carolina Crown blue devils the cavaliers bluecoats bac spirit of atlanta blue knights the cadets Blue Stars the academy madison scouts crossmen troopers boston crusaders dci 2014 sorry for the other world class corps i didnt get to see you perform so i didnt wanna butcher it
1k mine dci Colorguard crossmen i got high cam so yeah
my gif me dci drum corps crossmen Sorry for the gifs today ive done this one before this is just better quality
pr pioneer academy dci drum corps Pacific Crest colts SCV cavaliers Carolina Crown blue devils bluecoats bac spirit of atlanta Cascades blue knights mandarins Jersey Surf Blue Stars cadets madison scouts omg it's transparent matt designs stuff crossmen troopers oregon crusaders vivid melodies
1k mine protest bones dci Colorguard drum corps BCG crossmen first photoset video credit: zach ashcraft
mine dci drum corps worldclass drum corps international crossmen this is why i love them omg
Drum corps is an odd term to try and explain to those who don’t know exactly what it is. Simply put, it is professional marching band. It in...
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